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Tech it up a notch: you're no casual user, no dilettante--you're a geek, loud and proud. Show your commitment with gadgetry that will make you the talk of the chat rooms.

Palm's LifeDrive Mobile Manager ($499) lets you browse Web sites via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless technology, listen to music, make slide shows, and watch movies on its four-gigabyte hard drive. It's the fun of a PC without the onus of spreadsheets--though you can read those on this device as well.

USB flash drives pack a lot of memory into a small package, and they just got even more attractive courtesy of Mimoco Mimobots ($70-$140). Let friendly Fairybit or fierce Isadore, two of four currently available cute li'l USB monsters, push your bytes around in style. Expect more characters soon.

If your needs are too complicated for a mere mouse and qwerty keyboard, you need the Ergodex DX1 input system ($150), a customizable keyboard-like surface where you can arrange buttons and program them to optimize your editing, gaming, music-making, Photoshopping lifestyle.

Prepare for the next Tamagotchi. Nintendo has released a litter of pixilated puppies for its portable Nintendo DS system ($130), and Nintendogs ($30) is shockingly addictive. Pick your favorite breed and enjoy canines without the cleanup.

Designer laptop wear comes your way with wildly patterned Rebe laptop sleeves ($78). Set your PowerBook apart with a variety of Mac-friendly sizes, or get a piece custom-made for any notebook.

You can take it with you if you have the Toshiba Qosmio G25-AV513 notebook ($3,000), a pricey but mighty beast featuring everything from a DVD player and TV tuner to booming stereo speakers and a 17-inch screen.

If you're looking for portability, check out the Gateway NX25OX ($1,000), a more modest--and much lighter--notebook. It's ready-made for planes, trains, and automobiles. Add the battery pack optional 12-cell for a whopping seven hours of backup battery life.

Free your desk from cable clutter with the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX3100 ($150), a set featuring the company's high-end laser mouse paired with a keyboard enhanced by over 20 customizable multimedia buttons.

Fossil teams with classic game manufacturer Atari to take you to arcade heaven with the retrochic Atari: Asteroids watch ($130). Space battles unfold in the background while you try to figure out how late you are for that 8 o'clock dinner date.

Regular phone lines are about to go the way of the dodo, thanks in part to Speakeasy Voice Over IP, a phone service provider delivering crystal-clear communication via your existing DSL connection. Unlimited calls to the United States and Canada, voice mail, caller ID, and more come standard for a fiat fee of $23,95 per month.

Previous versions of the Lexus IS were fun, nice, and served their purpose well. But they better reflected the parent Toyota brand than the upscale Lexus brand. The IS changes all that with a choice of 200- or 300-horsepower engines, whizbang features, and a design philosophy coined "L-finesse," the company's term for "the Lexus experience in physical form." Tech-oriented drivers will appreciate paddle shifters on the steering wheel, a feature-loaded dash, and safety firsts like twin-chamber frontal air bags designed to minimize facial injuries in accidents. How smart is this car? Its Pre-Collision System employs radar to detect unavoidable obstacles--optimizing the braking configuration and retracting seat belts to maximize safety when a collision seems imminent. The techy tach has a cool warning-light ring that illuminates when the red line is near, while the speedometer's warning features can be set according to each drivels preference. Audiophiles will appreciate the best Mark Levinson sound system in any Lexus thus far--if not in any car, period. Cutting-edge speaker dynamics deliver astounding sound quality in a surround-sound system designed specifically for the IS cabin. Need more input on the output? The Levinson surround-sound system optimizes discrete 5.1 Dolby Digital playback for each seating position, The result is outrageous, whether your source is iPod, DVD, or CD. Want more? Bells and whistles include Bluetooth compatibility, voice-recognition technology, latest generation navigation software, and too much more to list here. The IS is the new benchmark.
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Date:Oct 25, 2005
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