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Tech heads.

Byline: Piers Townley

NETNEWS PC and Net users are once again threatened after last week's spread of the Bugbear virus. It infects a user's e-mail service and logs details of keystrokes into a hidden file which a hacker can then access. The safety of online bank details is at the forefront of most user's minds. Your service provider can give details of protection packages or you can browse the MessageLabs site, the firm behind the Bugbear busting activity to get up to speed with the threat.


THE hype is rapidly increasing for the next installment of Tolkien's masterpiece brought to cinematic life by Peter Jackson. Catch the new and extended trailer for The Two Towers from the official site. You'll get to glimpse more of the scope of the massive battle sequence of the film and a very tantalising snapshot of Gollum, the linchpin of the whole series.

INBOX2 THINK you have paranormal powers? More than a little of the Uri Geller about you? Well try this site and in particular the card trick ESP project found there. Your mental superpowers will directly influence a computer's outcome! Don't believe us, then try it out and see if you can work out how it's done.

CONNECTED WANT a hands-free set you can take anywhere? The Plug n Go is a simple use of suction cup and speaker system which enables you to use your phone in the car, on your desk, anywhere.

They cost pounds 60 from stockists Pama Direct, on 0161 248 1043.


NEVER heard of it? Well, Machinima is a growing cult artform using computer game graphics to create mini movies based on films such as The Matrix, games such as Quake or entirely original net films. They're the sort of storyboards that no doubt float around the heads of any of you who like your games. Check out this site for all you need to know, downloadable film clips, interviews and history of the genre. It features everything you need to know to impress at dinner parties.

ROBOTNEWS pino.html

FOR pounds 50 you can have your very own walking, talking robot chum, Pino. This little fella has been huge in Japan and will be on these shores, too. Powered by AA batteries, he has a host of motors and computers allowing movement and speech. Recent press reports have even claimed the little tyke has taught himself to speak. An orange Pino visor means he's happy. If it's red, make sure that cat is out of robot arms way.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 10, 2002
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