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Tech Heads.

Byline: Steve Lawson

IN a move which has shocked the Open Source software world (ie read, anyone who uses/likes Linux), Microsoft have formed a surprise alliance with Novell, makers of Suse, one of the leading Linux operating systems.

The two firms claim it's designed to make their products work better together - specifically Open Office and Microsoft Office - so users will be able to share documents more easily.

But Microsoft and anything from Open Source are normally as compatible as foxes and henhouses.

And there are those in the Linux world who think Microsoft's long-term plan is to keep tabs on, and control a strong competitor (Suse's Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is seriously good).

Linux web forums have been awash with outraged users denouncing Novell for making a deal with the devil.

For a more reasoned look at the issue, I recommend - their 'The Morning After' round-up makes for very interesting reading.

MAC users have been understandably smug for years, as their machines have rarely fallen foul of malware writers.

But that could be about to change: Mac OS X has become the target of a little virus that is a proof-of-concept to demonstrate that the operating system is vulnerable.

Anti-virus experts Symantec classify OSX. Macarena as a level-one, "very low" threat, because it doesn't deposit any sort of malware on the system other than itself.

Its "job" is to self-replicate in whatever folder the Mac owner is using.

Nevertheless, it's a wake-up call for Mac owners, who should be protecting their systems with anti-virus software just like Windows users have to.

MICROSOFT have released an autumn update to usher in the 6th generation of Xbox Live.

Owners can now download a firmware upgrade that provides more than 85 new features.

The biggest change the update brings is support for 1080p resolution, so that gamers can play video and game content in full high definition.

NINTENDO are taking their new games console, Wii, on tour prior to its UK launch on December 8. Scots games fans will be able to try it out at the following times/places: Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow, November 16-18' Irn-Bru Carnival, Glasgow SECC, December 23 - January 14' The Gyle, Edinburgh, January 9-14' Glasgow University, January 31' Xscape, Braehead, February 17-18' Braehead Shopping Centre, Glasgow, March 5-11.

Wii will come packaged with the 'Wii Sports' software bundled in the box at launch. The console is expected to cost pounds 179.99 and launch titles, costing from pounds 34.99-39.99, will include The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Red Steel, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, Need For Speed: Carbon, Madden 07 and GT Pro Series.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 10, 2006
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