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Tecate's 12-pack to be introduced.

Tecate's 12-pack to be introduced

In an effort to increase sales of the popular Mexican beer, Wisdom Import Sales Co. announced plans to introduce Tecate beer in 12-can packages.

The new 12-pack will be launched in mid-July and rolled out nationally in August, according to a Wisdom spokesperson.

"Tecate is really on a roll in the U.S.," said Wisdom president Manuel Rubiralta, "and we believe this new 12-pack presentation is going to be an additional boost to the brand's strong growth."

According to Rubiralta, the new package is compact and easy to carry, while featuring bright "Tecate" graphics. The cans themselves will be changed to the standard "206" can, which is the can used by domestic breweries.

"It's a very attention-getting package," Rubiralta continued, "and it really stands out when used in large stack displays for special events and holidays such as the upcoming Labor Day and September 16th Mexican Independence Day celebrations."

Wisdom with support Tecate with English- and Spanish-language television, radio and outdoor advertising. The brand's "Endless Summer" promotion was also launched this month and will run through September.

PHOTO : 12-OF-A-KIND - Tecate beer and Wisdom Import Sales Co. have announced plans to launch a new 12-pack for the brand. Initial packages will be available in test markets this month, with national distribution scheduled for August.
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Title Annotation:Wisdom Import Sales Co. plans to introduce Tecate beer in 12-can packages
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 1, 1991
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