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Tearin' up on the dance floor!

It was at a holiday dance with my new BF, and I had the perfect dress. We were dancing to a slow song when I accidentally stomped on his foot. He tripped and stepped on my new dress, and I fell to the floor. My dress ripped straight up the middle! The whole school laughed, even my BF. I had to call my sis to come pick me up.

I was nervous my first time on skis, but I was up lot a challenge. Once I thought I'd mastered the techniques, I headed for the slopes. I did great! But when I got to the bottom, I didn't know how to stop. I ran right into a net fence, flipped over and fell deep into the snow behind it!

For Christmas, my family and I went to my grandparent's house. All my cousins were there--older and younger, boys and girls. My grandma pulled out a huge package for me, so I'm thinking the bigger the better! But when I pulled out what was inside, I found a stack of enormous panties that would've come up to my chin.

I had just learned to snowboard and was pretty proud. I was going downhill for about the 50th time without falling, Just as I reached the bottom, I slid on some ice. I hit a family--a mom, dad, and little girl--taking them down one by one. At least nobody got hurt!

During a New Year's Eve party at my church, my friend and I had to watch the little kids. I was holding a little girl because her stomach hurt. Once she fell asleep, I put her down. My crush came over and yelled, "Ewww!" Clueless, I turned to my friend. She pointed out that the little girl had peed all over my shirt!

While waiting outside for the school bus, a couple guys and I were kicking some ice. I gathered my might to kick the ice as hard as I could toward my crush. But instead of sending the ice soaring, I totally missed and fell smack down on my backside!

My choir decided to do Secret Santa and to get our gifts only from the dollar store. After the exchange, I was putting my present in my locker (which is right next to my crush's) and was making comments about the corny gift I ended up with. He just nodded and walked away. Later, I found out he was my Secret Santa!

For my school's holiday concert, I was asked to sing a solo of "The 12 Days of Christmas." Well, I was positive I would stun the crowd, it turns out I did My voice cracked so badly I had to stop staging on the 10th day, leaving the song a little incomplete and the audience with a tot of laughs.

I was in a toy store with my baby sister, and she wanted to look at Sesame Street stuff. I picked up an Elmo and did his voice to make my sister laugh. I heard giggling behind me, so I turned around and saw two hot guys from school laughing at me.

My BFF and I were holiday shopping at the mall and spotted my crush in a store. I casually walked in and picked a shirt off the rack nearest him. I held it up and asked my BFF if she thought the shirt would look good with my new jeans. As I turned around to model the shirt, I knocked a mannequin over. The manager came over to see what was going on, and my crush laughed his way out of the store!
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Title Annotation:And How Was Your Day?
Publication:Girls' Life
Date:Dec 1, 2003
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