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Teamwork: our Army's foundation for success.

This edition of the Army Communicator is dedicated to our Network Enterprise Centers and as we welcome the 7th Signal Command into the Regiment, it is only fitting that I offer you some thoughts on teamwork and how it is the essence of everything we do.

Henry Ford once said, "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

No other organization in the world offers the camaraderie that exemplifies this idea more than the United States Army. Each and every day, our Soldiers are out on the front lines, often with nothing but each other. It is when I travel around and see units from region to region working as a team to support the Warfighters that makes me so proud to call myself a Signal Soldier!

One of the tenets that Soldiers going through basic combat and advance individual training are embodied with is the Soldier's Creed. "... I am a Warrior and a member of a team ..." Teamwork is more than just coming together as a group. Teamwork is the synergy that materializes as the result of unit cohesion through mission accomplishment. The Soldier's Creed goes on--" ... I will never leave a fallen comrade ..." In the profession of Soldiering, teamwork creates a bond that cannot be acquired in any other field of human endeavor. This bond continues to the end, as Soldiers trust each other with their lives.

Nobody ever won a battle or a war all by himself. It demands teamwork. We have an opportunity to exemplify what teamwork is all about.

The Signal Corps is a rock-solid team. Our mission will become increasingly more difficult as we continue to evolve into an expeditionary force, and it will be vital to ensure that we are working together to provide and protect services to the Warfighters.

This month I also visited the 11th Signal Brigade and NETCOM headquarters. CSM Donald Manley, NETCOM command sergeant major, and his team conducted a truly "world class" Soldier and NCO of the year board. Special congratulations to SSG Brian Hong, NETCOM NCO of the Year and to SPC Daniel Justice, NETCOM Soldier of the Year. CSM Manley called them the "best of the best." I agree.

My name is Clark and I'm a Soldier!
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Title Annotation:Command Sergeant Major
Author:Clark, Thomas J.
Publication:Army Communicator
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Date:Mar 22, 2009
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