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TeamShare Rebrands Flagship Product ``TeamTrack'' and Announces 4.0 Version; Powerful New Features Extend Capabilities of Versatile Cross-Platform Solution.

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TeamShare, Inc., a leader in Web-based workflow management tools, today announced the release of the 4.0 version of its flagship product tTrack, which will be part of the TeamTrack product suite that will also include tSupport, a team-based workflow-oriented customer support solution. Rebranding the Web-based problem-tracking system as tTrack 4.0, TeamShare has substantially enhanced the program's flexibility and power. The system now extends beyond defect-tracking and can automate the routing and assignment of any issue, task, or project.

tTrack 4.0 facilitates inter- and intra-departmental communication and drives relevant information to the points of decision and resolution. tTrack 4.0 automates team processes by way of a customizable nine-dimensional workflow-management matrix. This matrix works on top of a customizable database that allows teams to store the information they need. Finally, the full Web architecture of tTrack 4.0 allows for quick, universal access to data, reduces installation costs and lowers administration overhead. As with TeamTrack 3.0, tTrack 4.0 is also available as an Application Service Provider (ASP).

"We are pleased to release the latest version of our tTrack flagship product," said Sholom Migash, tTrack product manager of TeamShare. "The new amenities available on this program will forever change the industry of Web-based workflow management tools."

tTrack 4.0 Features Include:

Published API - The published API provides the ability to write C++ applications that interact with the TeamTrack server. The API allows programs to retrieve and update records in the database as well as add and remove records.

Robust multi-condition notification server - The new notification server adds more flexibility to control the conditions under which users will receive e-mail notifications from the tTrack system. The interface to the new notification server is graphical and designed for intuitive use. Among its features are the ability to escalate to a new notification after a period of inactivity, the ability to be notified of changes to issues within a particular project, and the ability for users to subscribe to defined notification parameters.

Named workflows - With tTrack 4.0, users can define, name, and store custom workflow definitions in a parent-child hierarchy. The hierarchical arrangement allows "child-level" workflows to inherit characteristics of the "parent" workflow, thereby simplifying the task to create several similar yet distinct workflows for different projects. Once workflows are defined and named, they can be applied to any project in a customer's project hierarchy.

Transition triggers - Transition triggers bring stronger parallel processing power to tTrack 4.0. They allow users to enable behind-the-scenes actions when issues are transitioning from state to state. Should a user create a copy of an issue to follow a parallel process and then defers the original issue, tTrack transition triggers can automatically defer the copied item as well.

TeamShare's launch of the TeamTrack 4.0 product suite comes at the end of a highly successful first quarter. During the company's first official round of funding, it received $8 million in financing from an affiliate of the Denver-based Sturm Group. TeamShare's products have also been selected by numerous high-profile clients such as the Mobile GT alliance, which includes Motorola, Object Technology Inc. (a wholly owned IBM subsidiary), Embedded Planet, and QNX. The Mobile GT alliance is using TeamShare to manage its workflow as it constructs the next generation of "Smart Cars," intelligent driver information systems designed for year 2002 vehicles.

About TeamShare, Inc.

Founded in 1996, TeamShare, Inc. is a Colorado Springs-based software company specializing in the development of Web-based workflow management tools. The company's leading-edge product, tTrack, is the first and only problem tracking/workflow management solution that is completely Web-architected. The company's tSupport product provides advanced functionality at a reasonable price point. Both products are available individually or in combination to provide a tight integration between your support center and product development team. TeamShare,'s rapidly growing client list includes Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Excite@Home, Lexmark, Fidelity, Pfizer, Citicorp, 3-Com, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and ADP. For more information, contact TeamShare, Inc. by phone at 1-888-TEAMSHARE (832-6742), via the Internet at or
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