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TeamSTEPPS guide; limits on residents' shifts.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Department of Defense have released a guide to help master trainers of their TeamSTEPPS program. TeamSTEPPS teaches physicians, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and other hospital staff to understand each other's roles and come together in collaborative ways to improve quality and safety. Visit A survey of 500 directors of residency programs in surgery, internal medicine and pediatrics and reported in the March issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings finds that limiting residents' shifts to 16 hours could interrupt continuity of care; threaten their competency in such key areas as medical knowledge, communication skills and professionalism; and do little to reduce fatigue. The 16-hour shifts are to begin in July under rules OK'd by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

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Title Annotation:STAFFING WATCH
Publication:H&HN Hospitals & Health Networks
Date:Apr 1, 2011
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