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Team notes: Spring 2016.

Each issue, our Team Notes column offers an inside perspective on art and design, featuring stories and recommendations from members of the RMG team. This issue, we wondered: What is the best piece of advice about framing and arranging art you'd give to a young collector who is just starting to acquire artwork?

"Don't skimp! Framing can make or break a piece of art. Seek the advice of a professional framer and use quality, conservation products for longevity. Keep in mind that art is something that can be passed on through generations. In terms of arranging or hanging art, don't hang it too high. The general rule is that 66 percent of the artwork should be below eye level."

--Eric Smith, President & CEO

"When in doubt, create a template the size of your artwork and place it where you think you might like to hang your picture. This will give you a sense of space, centering, distance, and height that will allow you to avoid holding up large, heavy artwork. To hold up your template, you can use artist's masking tape, which is less sticky than standard masking tape and most likely will not remove wallpaper or paint."

--Ashley Tedesco, Director of Media Marketing Sales

"Framing should complement the artwork, not overpower it. The safe bet is to use black for contemporary art or metal tones for traditional art. Floater frames have remained a popular choice for showcasing contemporary canvas works as well as photography. Also, when hanging a collection in one area, staggering the work and mixing sizes adds interest. In our home, the gathering of work in a specific area tells a unified story. It's always fun to share the backstory of each piece with friends when they come over."

--Rick Barnett, Managing Director, Business Development Group

"When framing, don't forget to use a great mat or liner to complement the artwork. This sets it off and makes it more distinctive--and can help the art fit with your decor. A mat or liner can also be changed much more easily and less expensively than a frame should you decide to change where the artwork is hanging."

--Linda Mariano, Managing Director of Marketing

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Date:Mar 22, 2016
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