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Team effort continues on infrastructure.

* Team effort continues on infrastructure. Industry analysts say that the recent progress made in transport infrastructure legislation speaks volumes about the cooperation of logistics and supply chain community stakeholders. While ongoing conflicts between rail and truck factions have not disappeared, both groups seem to agree that surface networks are in sorry disrepair. Analysts say that a comprehensive overhaul of U.S. roads, highways, and railroads will benefit shippers using both modes of transport, as intermodal movement of goods is the fastest growth sector in the industry. Industry watchers note that it is also heartening to see that our nation's ports are working together toward this common end, even as they fight one another for volume market share and new ocean cargo carrier business. Much credit, say analysts, goes to beneficial cargo owner associations comprising the most active and informed voting constituents. Their ongoing efforts--and collective pressure--appear to be working with Washington lawmakers.

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Title Annotation:UPDATE
Publication:Logistics Management (Highlands Ranch, Co.)
Date:Dec 1, 2013
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