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Team Nighthawk: Best military intelligence company in U.S. Army Forces Command for FY 16.

The MG Oliver W. Dillard Award honors the most outstanding company-size military intelligence (MI) unit assigned to a brigade combat team. Although MG Dillard was an infantry officer during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, he was a decorated battalion S-2 in Korea and became U.S. Forces Command's (FORSCOM's) first deputy chief of staff for intelligence (G-2) in 1973. Continuing his service as an infantry officer within a MI functional area, he promoted the use of intelligence Soldiers and units at the tactical level as the senior intelligence officer in U.S. Army Europe from 1975-1978. MG Dillard is a Thomas W. Knowlton Award for Intelligence Excellence recipient, a member of the Army's Military Intelligence Corps Hall of Fame (2012) and the Alabama Military Hall of Honor (2013), and symbolizes the promotion of esprit de corps and professionalism in military intelligence units throughout FORSCOM.

COL Ryan M. Janovic, FORSCOM Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2, officially designated Delta Company, 39th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Fort Campbell, Kentucky as the MG Oliver W. Dillard Award recipient for Fiscal Year 2016. Over the past year, CPT Brent Kurutz (Past), CPT Brandon Maguire (Present), and 1SG Jamey Watson led the Soldiers of the "Nighthawk" Company with a sense of exceptional commitment. As the best MI Company assigned to a brigade combat team, they maintained the highest state of readiness and a thorough understanding of potential environments worldwide. Team Nighthawk's foundations of excellence included varying operational and garrison oriented efforts to support combat operations, increase capabilities, and raise esprit de corps.

While training at the Joint Readiness Training Center prior to their Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) rotation, they received high praise for having the best signals intelligence (SIGINT) section in the last three years. As the first and only U.S. Army Forces Command SIGINT section with digital network intelligence (DNI) converged analytics capability in support of OIR, they gained and maintained a reputation as a highly trained intelligence team. Their SIGINT section used its converged analytics cell to provide DNI support to multiple echelons above brigade and various organizations; the section supported both operations for OIR and Operation Spartan Shield (OSS).

Furthermore, the Nighthawk's human intelligence collection teams produced intelligence reports leading to multiple dynamic strike packets; all-source analysts working in the brigade intelligence support element produced 270 daily intelligence summaries disseminated throughout Iraq; the intelligence and electronic warfare section provided support to several outside organizations, facilitating key software and intranet capabilities for both OIR and OSS; and lastly the tactical unmanned aerial systems platoon flew thousands of successful flight hours supporting their organic brigade and separate task forces with full motion video and laser designator support. As a result of their thoroughness, a significant number of targets were destroyed.

Team Nighthawk serves as a role model for other U.S. Army Forces Command units and U.S. Army intelligence professionals. The company embodies the courage and dedication to duty representative of MG Oliver W. Dillard's service to U.S. Army Forces Command and the U.S. Army.

by Captain Young K.Kim
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Author:Kim, Young K.
Publication:Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin
Date:Apr 1, 2017
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