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Team Building Through Physical Challenges.

This straightforward "how to" book presents a variety of educational, noncompetitive, team-building physical challenges. It is written primarily for physical educators, but would suit classroom teachers and recreation leaders as well. The first chapter deals with team development and its importance in the education process. The second chapter expands on the team-building concept and defines team structure.

Throughout the book, the focus is upon support and encouragement among team members. Sample "praise phrases" and "positive adjectives" are listed that students can apply to their teammates. The authors state, "Team building breeds success without any losers ... teammates learn that the cooperative process is what is important--winning becomes a by-product." This is a happy chapter and the "praise phrases" would unquestionably work on even the most sophisticated.

The remaining three chapters outline introductory, intermediate and advanced physical challenges. Detailed descriptions and possible solutions are given for each challenge. The upbeat tone of this book and the social/educational value of its content make this a book for almost any educator. Try some of those "praise phrases" on your colleagues--they work like magic! Reviewed by James A. Metcalf, Associate Professor, College of Nursing and Health Science, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
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Author:Metcalf, James A.
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 22, 1993
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