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Teaching the Air Midwest Case: A Stakeholder Approach to Deliberative Technical Rhetoric.

Teaching the Air Midwest Case: A Stakeholder Approach to Deliberative Technical Rhetoric

M. W. Zoetewey and J. Staggers. 2004. IEEE transactions on professional communication 47:233-243.

"This article describes a case that helps students look beyond the technical 'causes' of a commuter airplane crash to address the complex web of policies, practices, actions, and events that contributed to the crash. Using an approach grounded in stakeholder theory and ethical theory, students use real documents ranging from news accounts to Federal Aviation Administration policies to National Transit Safety Board hearing exhibits to identify systemic problems that contributed to the disaster. Working from particular stakeholder perspectives, they work collaboratively to develop and argue for policy changes that will help prevent future tragedies. The abundance of real documents that drive this case make it an especially useful tool for engaging students in difficult-to-teach subject matter, including the role of writing in the failure of technical systems, deliberative and judicial rhetoric, stakeholder theory, visual rhetoric and ethics."

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Title Annotation:EDUCATION
Author:Tovey, Janice
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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