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Teacher quality 2.0: toward a new era in education reform: coeditors: frederick M. hess and michael Q. mcshane i harvard education press.

Today's efforts to improve teacher quality largely concentrate on improving the circumstances surrounding the traditionally organized classroom. Meanwhile, emerging school models, especially those employing technology, are using teachers in new ways.

Yet few have explored whether today's teacher quality reforms might hinder such inventive approaches to teaching in the years ahead. In an era rife with possibilities for new school designs--when changed labor market dynamics and new technologies suggest the value of rethinking the teacher's role--advocates and policymakers are, with the best of intentions, writing statutes and regulations that threaten to stifle promising models.

This volume features leading education thinkers and doers who envision a teacher quality agenda for the next decade.

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Publication:Education Next
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Date:Jun 22, 2014
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