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Teacher publishes recipes after giving up meat and grains.

Byline: Abbie Wightwick Reporter

A MUSIC teacher who says she cured her depression by giving up meat and grains is sharing her tips in a new book after students asked her for recipes.

Lucy Robinson, who teaches at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (RWCMD) in Cardiff, grows everything from rocket to pumpkins in the small garden of her home in Plasturton Avenue in Pontcanna.

She says it was only giving up meat and grain, including rice and wheat, which got her back to health after suffering depression in her twenties.

Forty years on and Lucy, 65, says she never gets ill and has compiled a book of her recipes after students she cooked for asked for them.

The Grain-Free Vegetarian is being launched at La Cuina Catalan restaurant in King's Road tonight.

Lucy, who is former head of post graduate studies and research at the RWCMD and now teaches the viola da gamba - a stringed instrument similar to the cello - at the college.

"My students persuaded me to do a book," she said.

"As soon as I asked them home for meals, they started asking for my recipes.

"It wasn't because they were vegetarian or didn't have grain, they just liked them.

"I became a vegetarian in my twenties. I knew something was wrong and was advised by a naturopath - a health practitioner who applies natural therapies - to turn vegetarian and it solved everything.

"It completely cured my depression going off grains and meat."

Lucy, who has three grown-up sons, hasn't eaten rice, wheat or oats for 40 years, but does eat eggs and cheese as well as vegetables, fruit and pulses.

"My favourite recipes are Catalan fennel soup, goats cheese and spinach Charlotte and pears in honey and saffron."

When she's not playing music, Lucy is busy in her garden growing courgettes, potatoes, asparagus, chard, beetroot, herbs, rocket and pumpkins among other things.

"I grow them in with the roses," she said.

"Lots of vegetables are very beautiful. I have a pumpkin which has grown on the branch of one of my trees. Usually they grow along the ground but this one went up and is just sitting on the tree branch growing there."

The Grain-Free |Vegetarian is available from


Music teacher Lucy Robinson has had her first gardening book published - The Grain-|Free Vegetarian, below RICHARD SWINGLER

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 9, 2015
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