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Teacher contracts.

The St. Paul School Board and the St. Paul Federation of Teachers negotiated a new 2-year contract covering 2,600 teachers in St. Paul, MN. The settlement, which is retroactive to July 1, 1989, provides for 5-percent general wage increases in both years, with teachers having 2-10 years of experience receiving additional first-year increases of $200-$1,260, depending on their position in the salary schedule. Base pay for teachers with no previous experience was increased to $22,347 annually (previously, $21,423) in the first year, and to $22,465 in the second year.

The time in service to qualify for longevity pay increases was reduced to 15 years and 20 years of service (previously, 20 and 25). For teachers without a degree, the longevity pay increase will be $500 after 15 years, and an additional $500 after 20 years. Teachers with a degree and 45 graduate credits will receive comparable payments of $700 each, while teachers with a degree and 60 graduate credits will be paid $900 and $1,000, respectively.

Other terms include a $15 a month increase per teacher in the school district's maximum payment to health insurance premiums (to $230) in the first year and an additional $12 in the second year; up to 5 days of sick leave (previously, 2) to care for sick family members; 2 days of paid personal leave per school year (previously, 1); use of pretax pay up to a 5,000 maximum for both child care and health care; pay raises for teachers who serve as driver education instructors or as team leaders; up to 5 days casual leave without pay (was 2), depending on the teacher's seniority; and the establishment of various joint committees to discuss school related issues, such as class sizes and peer review procedures.

The Oklahoma City Federation of Teachers signed a 1-year agreement, retroactive to July 1, 1989, covering 2,200 teachers in Oklahoma City, OK. The accord provides for a 2.5-percent general wage increase, plus a 2.2- percent longevity step increase for teachers with at least 18 years of experience. With the wage boosts, teachers with a bachelor's degree will earn $17,785-$26,375 annually (formerly, $17,000-$25,340); those with a master's degree, $19,205-$28,185 (formerly, $18,050-$26,900); and with a doctorate, $19,800-$29,255 formerly, $18,800-$27,950). In addition, teachers with 18 years of experience receive a one-time $400 lump-sum payment in March 1990, plus an additional 2.2 percent or $400 longevity step increase. Teachers with advanced degrees will receive an additional $200 per year, plus an additional $200 if their advanced degree is in reading.

Other terms include a $10 per month increase (to $65) in the school district's contribution to health premiums for each teacher; annual school district payments to the retirement fund of $1,375 for each teacher earning $25,000 or less, and $1,575 for those earning more than $25,000; a $2 increase (to $12) in the "sick leave buy-back," in which teachers who retire are reimbursed for unused sick leave days; a $250 increase (to $750) in education assistance to teachers in declining enrollment areas; and "severance" payments equal to 20 percent of earnings to teachers who are forced to resign or retire during a reduction-in-force. *
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Title Annotation:St. Paul School Board, Oklahoma City sign teachers' contracts
Author:Cimini, Michael H.
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Apr 1, 1990
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