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Teacher allegedly hires tutor to take his certification exam.

A New York City middle school social studies teacher faces two felony charges after he allegedly paid his testing tutor to take a state certification test for him, the New York Times reports. The teacher is 37, tall, and black; the tutor is 58, short, and white. Yet the tutor apparently had no trouble obtaining a NYC Department of Education ID card for himself in the teacher's name. Officials decried the security breach as much as the alleged crime. "They're not twins separated at birth, let me put it that way," said Richard J. Condon, the district's special commissioner of investigation. "I think it's very disturbing." The teacher allegedly paid the tutor to take the test after flunking it twice.

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Title Annotation:Between Tears & Laughter
Publication:Curriculum Review
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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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