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Teacher Interactions within the Physical Environment: How Teachers Alter Their Space and/or Routines Because of Classroom Character.

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Through questionnaires, observations, and interviews, this study revealed the degree to which 31 high school teachers altered their classroom spaces and/or adjusted their routines to meet their pedagogical goals at a temporary school site. Teachers emphatically desired: (1) an appropriate amount of space to rearrange student furniture, enabling them better interaction with students for planned activities; (2) an ability to control the location and amount of lighting during those activities; and (3) access to adequate computing tools for their students. The ability to control noise, temperature, and ventilation was also important. Teachers' mediation of classroom spaces appeared to be closely associated with individual teaching goals rather than physiological responses to the environment, although there was evidence of the importance of accommodating teachers' perceptions of their own physical wellbeing. The study also disclosed a noticeable social-cultural need for meeting places within the school for teacher peer interactions and equally negative responses to sharing teaching spaces with those with dissimilar tastes and goal aspirations. Four appendixes include consent forms and approval letters; questionnaire, observation form, and interview questions; data results; and classroom physical measurements. (Contains 70 references.) (Author/SM)

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Author:Lang, Dale Christopher
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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