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Teacher Enrichment Grants provide opportunities for professional growth.

Each year, the MTNA FOUNDATION FUND awards Teacher Enrichment Grants, designed to encourage and enable members of the profession to engage in lifelong learning and embark on creative projects that benefit both their students and the profession as a whole. These grants affirm, expand and enrich the lives of teachers throughout America. These feelings are reflected by the comments made by recent grant recipients.

"I started my project to learn jazz piano in June," said Ellen McQuilkin of Eugene, Oregon. "Receiving the grant has rekindled my passion for learning music. The excitement it has sparked is akin to the feeling I had when starting my undergraduate degree twenty-five years ago! My students feel my enthusiasm--and I can help them consider their strengths in a broader context as I assist them in finding their own musical voices."

Just a few months after an automobile accident caused considerable muscle damage, Elizabeth Stavrou of Minneapolis, Minnesota, was delighted to learn she had been awarded a Teacher Enrichment Grant. She is eagerly embarking on research regarding children's music of Cyprus.

"I have not been to school in twenty-five years," exclaimed Paula Oby of Akron, Ohio. Her Teacher Enrichment Grant allowed her to once again enjoy the learning environment of the college classroom. She's enthusiastic about expanding her area of knowledge and thinking about piano in a broader historical context as she prepares for the MTNA Certification exam. It also is her aim to incorporate what she is learning into her teaching curriculum.

Not only did Zanna Noe appreciate the opportunity the Teacher Enrichment Grant offered her to become a Kindermusik educator, but this mother of two young children sees her success in a broader context. "I also think it will enrich musical education in our community of Griffin, Indiana," she states. Armed with new strategies and useful equipment, she is excited about teaching a class of four- and five-year-olds.

"Do I need this grant? You bet," states Darlene Handa, of Stow, Ohio. Her objective is to attain a piano pedagogy certificate from the University of Akron and continue her piano studies with the end goal of attaining MTNA Professional Certification--all to the benefit of her students. She points with pride to her modern and well-equipped studio and declares she is working to change the way people think about piano teachers.
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