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Tea lovers bring quality product to Clinton.

CLINTON -- Jane and Edward Alwis are tea drinkers, but did not like the tea they could readily buy in this country. So they started a business to sell better-quality tea.

The online retail store,, operates out of the couple's home in Clinton.

Jane is originally from Australia, while Edward is from Sri Lanka.

"Over the 25 years that Edward and I have been together, we have traveled to Sri Lanka numerous times. Each time we are there, I fall in love with drinking tea,'' Jane said. "When I returned, I was bitterly disappointed with the quality of tea that is generally available.''

There is an art to creating good tea, Jane said.

"Good tea is like good wine,'' she explained. "Each region produces product that is unique to its climate, soil composition and the time of year it is picked. Traditionally, tea is picked four times a year and the top two leaves and bud are hand picked.

"Last April, when we visited Sri Lanka, we met with representatives of one of the largest exporters in the country. We toured plantations and factories and discussed the possibility of importing the tea into the United States,'' she added. "The tea we are importing is also exported to Europe and the quality is guaranteed by the Ceylon Tea Board.''

Jane said Ceylon tea is widely considered the best tea in the world, and the tea her company is importing cannot be bought anywhere else in this country.

"Tea drinking is becoming more popular in the United States, especially amongst younger people,'' Jane said. "Our supplies cater to a wide palette with a large number of flavored black and green teas. We are very proud to be able to offer several region-specific teas and two special teas produced from sign gardens. The tea from Lover's Leap is very distinct.''

Orders can be made online 24 hours a day at

Local customers can call (978) 368-85648 a.m. to 5 p.m., for information about purchasing the tea.

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