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Taylor Swift Is Single, 'Not' Dating 1975's Matt Healy, 5SOS' Michael Clifford, One Direction's Harry Styles.

"1989" singer Taylor Swift is trying her best to put an end to the dating rumours. Earlier this week, Swift, who is turning 25 on Dec. 13, took to Twitter to tell the media that they can give her a birthday present by not accusing her friends of dating her. Now, Swift's rep has said that she is single and happy.

Speaking to ( People , the rep said that "Taylor remains happily single," adding, "It is disappointing that her one birthday request was ignored." Recently, the songstress has been linked to Australian boy-band 5SOS member Michael Clifford and rock-band 1975's lead singer and guitarist Matt Healy.

The rumours about Swift and Clifford surfaced after they exchanged some friendly tweets, expressing their admiration for each other's performances. Swift closed the Twitter conversation, saying that she accepts Clifford as her BFF. Clifford replied, "alright fine I'm in." There were reports that it looked like Swift was flirting with Clifford. It looks like there was not much substance in this potential Swift-Clifford relationship story to keep the rumour mill running.

However, rumours continue to swirl that Swift and Healy, 25, are secretly dating. Swift's Twitter post and her rep statement have not stopped the media from reporting about couple Swift-Healy. ( Perez Hilton has shared an Instagram video to prove that Swift and Healy are close. In the video, Healy is seen introducing Swift to Jamie Oborne's daughter Kitty. Oborne is the boss of 1975's record company.

It is Healy who seems to have fuelled the rumours about him and the "1989" songstress. In a radio interview with Shazam Top 20, he revealed that when he met Swift at one of his concerts, they exchanged numbers. The host Angus O'Loughlin said that he and Swift may become the next big, Hollywood item. Responding to that, Healy said, as quoted by ( E Online , "You're calling that, are you? Let's just see what happens," adding, "I mean bloody hell, what am I going to do? Go out with Taylor Swift? She's a sensation, I wouldn't say no."

Swift had a brief relationship with One Direction's member Harry Styles. They reportedly dated from October 2012 to January 2013. Earlier last month, there were reports that Swift and Styles may reunite, as the popular English boy-band member sent his ex-girlfriend 1989 roses to celebrate the success of her latest album "1989." Styles, however, denied that he sent "We are never ever getting back together" singer 1989 roses.

Taylor Swtft's birthday present tweet:

As my 25th birthday present from the media, I'd like for you to stop accusing all my friends of dating me. ( #thirsty

- Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) ( December 8, 2014

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Date:Dec 12, 2014
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