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Taylor Kirby.

Remember Kirby? The lil's pink puff-ball made of pixels that destroys everything in its path and has the ability to run, jump, float, slide and inhale? Now imagine that Kirby flying down stairs and handrails getting chased by security--that pink puff don't stand a chance! Taylor Kirby, on the other hand, does this shit on a daily basis: running from the cops; jumping down stairs; and sliding every rail he encounters. You can even imagine him floating a kickflip right through the boss's castle! Seriously, this kid is not joking around. A Shep Dawg founding member, he perps things that no one would even consider skating. And with Jon Dickson and Brian "Slash" Hansen backing his moves (and a part in the upcoming Deathwish video), it's only a matter of time 'til you do, too.

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Title Annotation:LUNATIC FRINGE
Author:Rhoades, J.T.
Date:May 1, 2013
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