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Taylor, Sean and Shaw, Hannah: Who Ate Auntie Iris?

Taylor, Sean and Shaw, Hannah

Who Ate Auntie Iris?

Frances Lincoln, 2012, pp32, 11.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 84780 219 4

This large format picture-story book, with its brightly amusing illustrations in a variety of sizes, recounts the tale of the little chinchilla's visit to her Auntie Iris's home. That home is located in a lofty block of flats, flats inhabited by families of bears, of crocodiles, of wolves--and, we discover later, by lions. Told in a clever combination of neat prose and tidily rhymed verse, the chinchilla's tale holds the reader's (or listener's) attention throughout. It is book likely to appeal to all keen young readers--as long as they are not unnerved by its deliberately joky ambiguous conclusion!

Trevor Dickinson

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Author:Dickinson, Trevor
Publication:School Librarian
Article Type:Children's review
Date:Sep 22, 2012
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