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Taylor, Sean and Layton, Neal: Where the Bugaboo Lives.

Taylor, Sean and Layton, Neal

Where the Bugaboo Lives

Walker, 2015, pp56, 12.99[pounds sterling]

978 1 4063 2414 3

There is a shadowy valley behind Floyd and Ruby's house, where truly scary things live and the scariest of them all is the Bugaboo. Their mum tells them they mustn't go there, which is just the kind of challenge a feisty boy like Floyd finds overwhelmingly attractive. He 'allows' his favourite ball to bounce off down the forbidden path, and by chasing off to retrieve it the sibling's spine-tingling, hair-raising adventure begins. The book is interactive and designed to give readers the opportunity to choose, from many options, a path for Floyd and Ruby through the valley and back home again. Settings include a stinking rubbish heap, lair of a gigantic spider; a pit full of fire presided over by a burning fiend, and a slimy swamp complete with a drooling demon. And, yes, we do get to meet the Bugaboo. Choices comes with warnings to readers about the risks involved in taking one path rather than another, and an escape clause, should we decide we've had enough. The vigorous cartooning in mixed media is a stupendous feat of design--every page-opening presents a visual assault course in searing colour. The picture plane fizzes and buzzes with super-charged action disguising to some extent the length of the text, which offers plenty of reading practice. I am left with only one question: Librarian, are you brave enough to carry on and order this picturebook? Warning: it's unlikely to spend much time on the shelf.

Jane Doonan

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Author:Doonan, Jane
Publication:School Librarian
Article Type:Book review
Date:Dec 22, 2015
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