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Taylor's Bookshelf.

Taylor's Bookshelf

Crashing Through the Underbrush

Gary P. Cornelius

Privately Published

9781435772533, $15.00,

For those unable to help themselves, going to bat for them is a perilous journey. "Crashing Through the Underbrush" tells the story of Oregon public mental health professional Garth Gilroy and the challenges he faces in trying to help those in need, the homeless, the psychotic, and much more. Drawing on author Gary Cornelius's own experiences with Oregon's mental health, "Crashing Through the Underbrush" is a labor of love and the challenges that ring close to the social workers of the world.

Remembering the Body

Alan Berecka

Mongrel Empire Press

9780983305200, $15.00,

Trying to put together life's puzzle is what facing life is all about. "Remembering the Body" is a collection of poetry from Alan Berecka, as he offers his anthology of poetry and his take on life's truths and what pushes us all forward. Full of emotion and reverence for life's struggle to make sense of it all, "Remembering the Body" is an excellent volume of work, highly recommended. "Exodus Redux": On five stories of glass/slaves to the fine print, of our contracts, we labored/to draw giant X/after giant X. Caught/without the blood of lambs,/we settled on using two-inch masking tape, a modern talisman--/an insane act--a prayer/given up in hopes that the agent/of destruction might pass.

Holy Guacamole

Dan & Denise Harmer

Lamp Post

c/o Glass Road Public Relations

9781600391835, $12.00,

Your world can be turned upside down easier than you think. "Holy Guacamole" is a fun romance from Dan & Denise Harmer, as they tell the story of a culinary bootcamp teacher who gets her recipe book thrown in her face as a man enters her life and changes everything. Fast paced and humorous, "Holy Guacamole" is a read that those simply looking for a fun romance read that won't be easy to put down, recommended.

Iraq, Their Mission, Our Journey

Jackie Wilson

Outskirts Press

10940 S Parker Road - 515, Parker, CO 80134

9780578074900, $15.95,

Regardless of one's opinion of the war, one must respect the job that many young men and women have taken on their shoulders in Iraq. "Iraq, Their Mission, Our Journey: America's Destiny" is a memoir from Jackie Wilson as she reflects on the process of a mother facing a child going off to war and how God gave her the strength through it all, and helped her through these stressful times. "Iraq, Their Mission, Our Journey" is a profound and spiritual read for military memoir libraries, recommended.

The Lord Said Unto Satan

Hugh Fox

Post Mortem Press

9780615465173, $15.95,

Shamanism and private investigation don't seem to go hand and hand, but Detective Gugel has found a use for combining his talents. "The Lord Said Unto Satan" follows Gugel as he traces the death of a woman and as he soon finds this was far from a traditional murder, and there's something stranger than the murder weapon of napalm. With a nod to hallucinogenic horror and mystery, "The Lord Said Unto Satan" is a riveting if off-the-wall story that will keep readers glued to the pages all the way through.

John Taylor

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Author:Taylor, John
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
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Date:Jun 1, 2011
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