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Taxview (Taxview 1040, $495 with annual renewal $250; Taxview 1065, 1120 and 1120-s, $395 with annual renewal of $200), Softview, Oxnard, CA.

These tax preparation software programs, developed for tax professionals, canbe used on either Apple Macintosh or IBM or IBM compatible PC with Microsoft Windows. The program prints out exact replicas of IRS forms on blank paper without the need for separate forms software or special font cartridges. IRS forms and schedules are displayed on screen in actual IRS format. The user enters data directly in displayed forms that are linked together so that whenever new data is entered recalculations are performed automatically on all relevant documents. The program also checks all input to prevent inconsistent and incomplete entries. Specially designed statements and worksheets allow users to accumulate back-up data on key line items, minimizing the risk of error. Line entries on any form or schedule can also be broken out in a series of unlimited itemization windows. Features designed for professional tax preparers include batch export, to move data to a spreadsheet or wordprocessor to create mailing lists, customer letters, etc.; client status reports, a record of ongoing tax information; electronic delivery and support, which retrieves the latest IRS forms and schedules and gets answers to commonly asked tax questions; overrides, in which any computed field can be overridden and all related calculations automatically updated based on the overridden value; batch printing; and technical support through a toll-free 800 line. All additional forms that can be filed electronically through the IRS electronic filing program are available for Taxview 1040. Taxview State Supplements automatically transfer information from Taxview 1040 to the filer's state tax return, available for eight state: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New york, Ohio and Virginia. Taxview Planner is a stand-alone, multi-year tax planning module providing a fast way to compare tax strategies for clients, evaluating the five-year cumulative results of a s many as five separate tax scenarios within a single study. client information can be organized and summarized on worksheets that match categories found on federal forms and schedules. An Alternative Summary is formatted to conform to federal Form 1010 but in a condensed and simplified form appropriate for estimating and planning. Models of different tax situations can be presented side-by-side for easy comparison
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Date:Jan 1, 1990
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