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Taxpayers fund 'freebies' dailyrecord AT DAILYRECORD.CO.UK Monday, August record readers.

WHEN reader Gavin Ferguson refers to the "freebies" the Scottish Government provide - at his estimated cost of less than 1p per person - presumably he means the free prescriptions for all in Scotland and the free tuition fees provided to Scottish and EU students. These are not free, but are funded by taxpayers.

Is this remarkably low cost calculated on the 2.5million Scottish taxpayers, which would amount to PS25,000, or the population of Scotland at PS56,000? Or is it calculated on the entire population of the UK? Whatever it is, I don't think it would come close to covering the two "freebies" I mentioned.

A. N., Glasgow


COSTLY Fees are paid for Scottish and EU students

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Date:Aug 26, 2019
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