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Taxpayers finding it difficult to access ATL.

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Taxpayers were facing problems to become Active Taxpayers on the Active Taxpayer List ATL" issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) despite filing their tax returns manually, as the tax department was picking only electronically filed returns for the purposes of ATL on weekly basis.

It was learnt that manually filed tax returns had not been entered/picked in the data to update the ATL on weekly basis and only electronically filed tax returns had been picked to issue undated ATL.

It was reported that ATL had become more important after the amendments made in the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 through the Finance Act, 2015 under which the gap of withholding tax rates had been widened for income tax return filers and non-filers. In order to remove difficulties faced by genuine taxpayers on payment of withholding tax at additional rate of non-filers despite filing their returns, the FBR decided to update the ATL on weekly basis and fresh ATL was issued on every week but for unknown reasons manually field tax returns had been updated in the ATL data.

Sources saidthat lower rate of withholding tax was only applicable on those who had their name on the ATL. After the Budget was announced on June 03 a large number of returns had been received by the FBR and on the other hand taxpayers were complaining that despite filing of returns they were being charged the higher rates of withholding taxes.

Tax lawyer added if someone wants that his name, NTN/CNIC should appear in the ATL, he was obliged to submit his last income tax return. The persons who had not submitted their returns for tax years 2014 had been ousted from the said list. However, in case they filed their return their name wiould appear on the ATL that should be uploaded on the website of the FBR on weekly basis. However, those who filed manual returns always found themselves in trouble for unknown reasons.

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Publication:Enterprise (Asianet-Pakistan)
Date:Sep 30, 2015
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