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Taxi-men talking sense sensation.

Byline: Stephen Maguire

IT'S NOT often you'll hear me say these words so listen up.

Taxi-drivers are talking a whole lot of sense at the moment.

Normally when I get into a taxi I just want to put on my iPod, read a book, practise self-hypnosis or pretend to be Hungarian and not have a word of English.

I've got more lectures from taxidrivers about life than a psychology student at Trinity.

But I think taxidrivers are completely justified in taking to the streets to protest about new licenses being handed out by the Government.

Maybe it's just me but I've never seen as many taxis about.

I put out the bin last week and there was a bloke in a wheelchair taxi at the bottom of it asking me where I wanted to go.

I drove to the shop to get the morning papers and as I was getting back into my car a cabbie said he'd drive me home for half-price.

And yet some wacky report from bean-crunchers Price Waterhouse Cooper claims there is still plenty of room for more taxis.

Of course there is - in Ballybunion at 4am during Christmas week.

The rest of the year most of our towns and villages are coming down with blokes trying to scrape out a living sitting at ranks.

The bottom line is that taxi-licenses provide the Government with easy revenue and also get another few poor sods off the dole.

They wouldn't be half as quick processing dole applications if half of these cabbies decided to stop trying to earn an honest living.
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 5, 2009
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