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Tatung unveils new hyperSPARC workstation line.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 19, 1995--Tatung Science & Technology Inc., (TSTI) the leading provider of SPARC-compatible workstations and servers, has introduced and is now shipping three new single- and multi-processing (MP) desktop workstations that feature 100 MHz and 125 MHz hyperSPARC CPUs from Ross Technologies.

The systems will be on display at UNIX EXPO in booth No. 1270.

"These powerful new workstations bring a new level of computing performance to our customers and at the same time complement TSTI's already expansive lineup of microSPARC II and SuperSPARC II-based systems," said Dr. Kam Chan, president of TSTI.

The new product offering includes the SuperCOMPstation 20 Model HS14MP, an MP workstation that incorporates up to four 100 MHz hyperSPARC CPUs; the new SuperCOMPstation 20 Model HS22MP, which includes two 125 MHz hyperSPARC CPUs; and the SuperCOMPstation 20 model HS21, a uniprocessor workstation with a 125 MHz chip.

The four-processor model HS14MP features estimated performances of 8,124 SPECrate_int92 and 8,906 SPECrate_fp92 to deliver one of the industry's highest desktop compute performances. The two-processor model HS22MP delivers estimated performances of 5,600 SPECrate_int92 and 6,399 SPECrate _fp92. The single processor model HS21 performs at an estimated rate of 131.2 SPECint_92 and 153 SPECfp_92.

Standard configurations for the HS14MP, the HS22MP and the HS21 include a 20-inch color monitor, Turbo GX graphics, 32 MB of RAM, a 1.05 GB hard drive and the Solaris 2.x MP operating system. Entry-level pricing starts at $16,615 for the HS21 and $26,265 for the HS14MP.

The two MP systems are easily upgradable by adding faster or additional processors, up to 512 MB of memory, up to 8 GB of hard disk storage, and greater I/O throughput using up to four SBus expansion slots. Also available are Turbo GX+ graphics accelerators (with a choice of 2 MB or 4 MB of VRAM) and support for 24-bit, true color SX-compatible graphics. All three systems are available immediately and include a one-year warranty.

Tatung Science & Technology, a U.S. subsidiary of the $3.5 billion, multi-national Tatung Co., offers an award-winning product line featuring a wide range of client/server-based computing solutions, from X terminals to multi-processing servers.

For more information, contact Tatung Science & Technology, 1840 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, Calif. 95035. Telephone: 800/659-5902. Internet/e-mail: ( World Wide Web ( -0-

NOTE: COMPstation is a trademark of Tatung Science & Technology Inc. Other brand or product names are registered trademarks of their respective holders.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Color slides are available upon request.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 19, 1995
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