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Tatts fantastic way to give kids happy holidays; TATTOOIST IS MAKING BIG IMPRESSION WITH BODY ART SHOOTS.

Byline: LISA HUTCHINSON Reporter

HOW to keep your kids entertained during the summer holidays is a parents' nightmare, but this body-art specialist has come up with a solution with a difference.

Vicky McAdam has hit the headlines before in the Chronicle with her sprayon temporary tattoos and during the summer break she's come up with an unusual type of photoshoot.

The forward-thinking 50-year-old developed the idea to do mum-anddaughter, and son-and-father photoshoots with them both having matching 'tattoos.'.

And the pair have been inundated with requests as she 'inks' her way through the summer holidays.

"I put a post on my Facebook page saying I was doing airbrush tattoos for PS20 for children and PS30 for adults," said Vicky, 50, of High Heworth, Gateshead.

"The post got 1,200 shares and it went crazy from there. I had people contacting me from as far away as London. They were wanting me to go down there but it wasn't cost effective for me unless they were going to pay me for the full day.

"It was then I got the idea to do the mum-and-daughter, and son-andfather photoshoots.

"It is going really well and it is a great keepsake for parents and their children, while the kids love the whole experience."

" Vicky brought the airbrushed tatts craze over from America but the beauty about these got the for Lilly-birthday.

is they wash off in days.

playing in and her were Natalie The Chronicle first told about the sprayon tattoos in 2017 and how Geordies were queueing up to get their designer spray-on inks for the weekend - but wash off before they return to work on Monday.

And, as more and more trendsetters were desperate to get airbrushed, Vicky started building up a portfolio as she worked on the region's famous.

And earlier this year, ex-Geordie Shore star Stephanie Snowdon opted for body art from Vicky and went for a floral paint design.

Mum-of-one Vicky was also invited to appear on ITV's This Morning, and airbrush tattooed Geordie radio legend Alan Robson.

Mum Natalie McKee, with eight-year-old daughter Lilly-Mae, were among the first to go for the matching spray on tattoo photoshoots.

Natalie, 34, of Hebburn, South Tyneside, said: "We decided on a vintage look so I nipped off to Primark and bought us both a PS1.50 vest top and a PS1 headband each. It worked a treat and the day was really special for us both.

"I got the photoshoot for Lilly-Mae's birthday and she loved it, we both did. Afterwards, she was playing in the street and her friends were really intrigued. She then went off on a weekend caravan break and she felt like a bit of a celebrity as everyone was asking her about her airbrushed tattoos," added clothes blogger Natalie, who also has two other children, Shardeh, 12, and Cameron-Lee, 17.

Lilly-Mae, a pupil of St James' RC Primary School, said: "My tattoos were really nice and I liked my day with my mam."

Vicky started out about 12 years ago with painting children's faces. She progressed in to body paint for adults for promotional work but then went one step further and went into airbrushed tattoos.

The tattoos are created by using stencils and Vicky builds on each one to make a sleeve. However, she also does single spray-on tattoos if required. They last up to five days, depending on how well you look after them.

photoshoot Mae's She was the street friends intrigued McKee Vicky can do individual tattoos or she can go to people's homes and charges PS100 an hour or PS120 for two hours if there is a party of four or more.

The photoshoot and airbrush tattoos costs PS150 and you get a large 16-inch by 12-inch framed picture at the end of it.

well and it is a parents and the kids experience." the and queueing tattoos. The tattoos stencils and one to spray- to can PS100 for two party o"I got the photoshoot for Lilly-Mae's birthday. She was playing in the street and her friends were intrigued Natalie McKee


Natalie McKee, 34, of Hebburn, South Tyneside, with 8-year-old daughter Lilly-Mae, after having a spray on tattoo
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Date:Aug 20, 2019
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