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Tatchell: Norton is too gay.

GAY rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has attacked TV chiefs for employing camp comics such as Graham Norton.

Mr Tatchell called Mr Norton and fellow comic, Alan Carr, sterotypical, camp and cliched, and claimed they raised "cheap and easy laughs" at the expense of homosexuals.

He said: "They pander to very tired archetypes of gay men and are just a continuation of John Inman and Larry Grayson.

"I am not saying Graham Norton and Alan Carr should be taken off TV.

"The problem is not that they are camp comedians, but that they are the only kind of gay comedian who have major TV programmes.

"Why hasn't any intelligent, non-stereotypical comedian like Scott Capurro got a primetime slot? He makes straight people the butts of his jokes."

He claimed prominent lesbians on TV did not "pander to lesbian stereotypes" and called for TV chiefs to commission shows with a wider selection of gay comedy talent.


Too gay... Graham Norton
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 22, 2009
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