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Tasty way to put jeans back on the menu; Scottish Slimmers offers you simple healthy eating plan to help you shape up for your denims or skinny jeans.

If you need to lose a few pounds to get into your favourite denims, or you fancy putting on that stylish pair of ultra-trendy skinny jeans, never fear - help is at hand.

Simply follow our easy and healthy eating plan, with tasty and nutritional meals that won't leave you feeling hungry but will help you do up your zip more easily.

You can still enjoy your favourite foods with our skinny jeans diet and drop those pounds you need to lose. This five-day eating plan from Scottish Slimmers is ideal for you to follow at work and at play.

And you will be feeling better in your skinny jeans by the weekend.

It's also great if you have a special occasion coming up, like a wedding or a birthday, and want to lose a few pounds to look and feel your very best.

HOW THE PLAN WORKS ? Follow the breakfast, lunch and dinner plans.

You can add vegetables to any meal or snack.

We've included suggestions for all Everyday Bonus foods, but you can swap these for similar alternatives if you like.

Essential Extras have also been included but, again, if you want something different, we've listed a few possible alternatives.

If you feel you really need more to eat, you can make the most of No-Check foods (see the No Diet Diet recipes on pages 6 & 7 - fill up on them WITHOUT breaking your diet) ? Don't forget to drink at least six to eight cups or glasses of water or other No-Check drinks each day.

Day 1BREAKFASTMega melonTwo slices of melon (about 150g r peeled weight, each) with either EVERYDAY BONUS Quarter pint skimmed milk for use in drinks 75g lean ham or 125g small pot fat-free yogurt.

Everyday Bonus: one apple or pear LUNCHHam and cheese toastieFill two medium slices of bread a d with a 20g lower fat Cheese Slice and one thin slice of ham. Either cook in a non-stick sandwich toaster sprayed with oil, or cook under a pre-heated moderate grill. Serve with a large No-Check salad.Everyday Bonus: 125g pot diet yoghurt DINNERRice and corn feastSteam, boil, microwave, or stir-fry in spray oil about 200g chopped No-Check vegetables. Microwave 250g pouch Tilda Brown Basmati, or Butternut Squash or Mushroom or Sundried Tomato Rice, according to instructions. Stir the cooked vegetables into the rice adding two rounded tablespoons canned sweetcorn kernels Everyday Bonus: Two large plums (may be cut in half, sprinkled with cinnamon and microwaved on high 1-2 minutes).

Essential Extras Good pud Place one low-calorie cake slice in a microwavable dish. Top with 2tbsp low-fat custard and heat in the microwave for about 30 seconds on high, or until it is warmed through.

BREAKFASTRashers, mushrooms and tomatoesThree grilled bacon medallions with grilled mushrooms and tomatoes OR repeat mega Day 2 melon breakfast from day one.Everyday Bonus: one apple or pear LUNCH Chicken mini fillets and coleslaw saladServe 100g chicken mini fillets or roast EVERYDAY BONUS Quarter pint skimmed milk for use in drinks chicken, or one cooked skinless chicken breast, with two rounded tablespoons reduced-calorie coleslaw and a large DNo-Check salad.Everyday Bonus: 125g pot diet yoghurt DINNERStuffed peppersBoil 30g rice. Cook 125g extra lean five per cent fat minced beef with a small chopped onion. Stir in half a crumbled Oxo beef per ed cube, 1 tspn tomato puree and good pinch of mixed herbs. Mix the cooked rice with the mince. Cut a large pepper in half h EVERYDAY BONUS through the stalk. Remove the stalk and seeds to form two shells. Fill with the rice 2 large plums and mince mixture. Place in a covered microwavable dish with 1tbsp water. (see dinner) Microwave on high for 7-8 minutes or until peppers are tender.

Serve with No-Check veg. er. -der.


Everyday Bonus: Two plums (may be cut in sprinkled with and microwave high 12 minutes) e Extras packet of baked crisps BONUS Day pint EVERYDAY 3 Quarter milk skimmed in drinks for use BREAKFASTHam and tomato rollSpread 50-60g roll with a little low-fat spread and fill with 25g lean ham and tomato slices Everyday Bonus: 125g pot diet yoghurt LUNCHSoft cheese and crispbreads100g extra light soft cheese (natural or with garlic & herbs) served with raw vegetable sticks and four Ryvita Dark Rye crispbreads. One medium banana.

Everyday Bonus: One apple or pear DINNERTasty drumsticks with chips and saladMix together 'tsp light soy sauce, EVERYDAY BONUS 1 apple or pear e, n a 'tsp tomato ketchup, 'tsp Dijon (see lunch) mustard, 1tsp runny honey and pinch of garlic powder. Remove skin from two medium chicken make two slashes on drumsticks, n each and coat with the mixture. .sr, Leave to marinate 30 minutes. . ray, on a baking tray, Place drumsticks spooning over all the marinade, and bake on the lower shelf of a a ark pre-heated oven 210C/gas mark 7 for about 25-30 minutes. Put 150g frozen weight low-fat oven chips on the top shelf of and nd the oven. Serve drumsticks chips with no-Check salad.

??Everyday Bonus: One fresh peach or two peach halves canned in juice (drained) Essential Extras Two level scoops ice cream (not "luxury") calorie chocolate drink and two Jaffa Cakes BREAKFAST Ham and tomato rollSpread 50-60g roll with a little low-fat spread and fill with 25g lean ham and tomato slicesEveryday Bonus: one orange or two tangerines Day 5 LUNCHSausages and beansGrill two low-fat sausages (up to 75 calories each) or two Quorn EVERYDAY BONUS Quarter pint sausages and serve with 200g baked beans in tomato sauce. skimmed milk for use in drinks Everyday Bonus: 100g pot fat-free flavoured fromage frais e nd DINNERBacon and peppers pastaBoil 85g pasta, preferably wholewheat, until 'al dente'. Cook sliced onion and peppers in a saucepan sprayed with oil. Add two chopped bacon d medallions and brown. Stir in 150ml low-fat pasta sauce. Heat through and serve over drained pasta.

??Everyday Bonus: bowl of fresh or defrosted frozen raspberries EVERYDAY Bowl defrosted Essential Extras One low-calorie hot chocolate drink and two Jaffa Cakes Day 4 EVERYDAY BONUS Quarter pint skimmed milk for use in drinks BREAKFASTBeans on toastServe 100g baked beans on one medium slice of wholemeal toast.Everyday Bonus: two large plums LUNCH Fresh soup300g serving any New Covent Garden, or other brand, fresh soup with no more than 50 calories per 100g. Serve with two medium slices of bread, bread roll, or 60g crusty bread filled with crunchy salad and cheese from Everyday Bonus.

one apple Everyday Bonus: two Babybel Light mini cheeses and DINNER Bacon, cabbage and new potato pan-fry Boil 200g new potatoes. Drain and slice thickly. Spray a frying pan with oil and gently cook 85g sliced onions until softened. Turn up heat to medium and add sliced potatoes and three chopped bacon medal-lions. Stir frequently, but not all the time so that potatoes can brown. Add d medalall own.

85g shredded savoy cabbage and 1tbsp water. Stir-fry until cabbage just starts to wilt. Season with plenty of black pepper. bage h Essential ExtrasOne low-calorie hot chocolate drink and two Jaffa Cakes EVERYDAY BONUS 2 Babybel Light BACON CABBAGE & NEWPO TATO PA mini cheeses 1 apple ALTERNATIVE Essential Extras If you're not keen on the Essential Extras we've chosen, you can swap with one of the following: Small packet of low-fat crisps 22-30g pack Snack-a-Jacks Two round oatcakes topped with and cucumber slices Two medium slices wholemeal topped with grilled mushrooms or tomatoes Low-calorie cup soup plus two Ryvita Dark Rye scraped with low-fat spread One Nestle Oats & More Cereal Bar 30g bag Go Ahead! Mini Crispy Fruit Slices Eight ready-to-eat apricots 125ml glass of wine slice of toast and two Babybel cheeses
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