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Tasteless exercise; Letters.

I, FOR one, will not be going to see the Michael Jackson film when it opens.

I think it is tasteless to turn this talented performer's last rehearsal into yet another money-making exercise.

Michael was under incredible pressure to get ready for the marathon run of shows imposed on him.

He must have been suffering terribly to have to resort to the medication that he took each night, just so he could sleep.

We should remember Michael as the King of Pop at the peak of his powers.

Not as a middle-aged man battling the years to turn back the clock and recreate the magic.

J FRYER, Sutton Coldfield Send your e-mails to sunday Write to Sunday Mercury, Sixth Floor, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, Birmingham B24 9FF/ god is Wizzard OCTOBER 4, 2009 95P VOTED BRITAIN'S NEWSPAPER OF THE YEAR GIVEWOODY A PAGE 68 PAGES OF MIDLAND SPORT INSIDE 40 GABBY'S WORLD CUP JOY AGONY FOR BLUES+ STAR APPEAL VILLA + BLUES + WOLVES + ALBION + COVENTRY + STOKE + I THOUGHT I would drop you a line with reference to your Roy Wood campaign.

I am amazed he has not yet been recognised for his outstanding contributions on Birmingham's Broad Street.

JAILED: EX-BBC star Ashley Blake.

Ashley in film star shocker! I am also outraged that Stevie Winwood has no star either. They are both top of the pops in my book.

PAGE3 Here's my poem about Woody!

PAGE 11 PAUL COLLINS, Castle Bromwich EXCLUSIVE BY JEANETTE OLDHAM The Great RoyWood THE new boss of Birmingham Children's Hospital has become engaged to the head of the NHS - after starting out as his secretary.

Pretty Sarah Jane Marsh, 32, worked as 52 year-old David Nicholson's assistant, dealing with his e-mails and letters, after completing a graduate trainee scheme.

But after a meteoric rise she landed the plum chief executive job in Birmingham this summer, earning around pounds 155,000 a year. Divorced Mr Nicholson, who receives in excess of pounds 250,000 per year, has been chief executive of the NHS in England since 2006, and is in overall charge of a pounds 90 billion budget and 1.3 million employees. He was not involved in his fiancee's appointment. She'snew Children'sHospital boss They met when she was his assistant of savings to be won UNDER SCRUTINY: The Mercury story about Sarah-Jane Marsh and David Nicholson. Roy was born down Kitts Green way, November 8 was the day, A rock 'n' roll legend he was to be, His talent was there for all to see, An original Nightrider and long before Kit, He was a major sixties hit!

Hospital He formed "The Move" a Brummie Five, The Midland sound had come alive, A new dawn arrived, "The Move" were gone, ELO were born I guess Roy moved on, His creation for him didn't last that long, He'd re-invent himself another sound, another song, This magician created another guise, A Wizzard appeared before my eyes, They rocked and jived then called it a day, So it was on his own for Roy to play, He was a pioneer, a music great, He was born to entertain and create, He did it in a way that no one could, That's Birmingham's own "The Great Roy Wood."

Debate issues online at http://forums.

boss is parents that they should take special care of their young ones if they go out trick or treating? Thanks bikers IT was good to see the photograph in the Sunday Mercury of the bikers paying tribute to those who have died while serving their country. Priceless I LAUGHED out 'Crazy World' item Land Zoo.

Mums and dads should accompany younger children, and groups of youngsters should be supervised.

This is both for their own safety, and to safeguard anyone, especially the elderly, who might be frightened by their antics. Bikers often get a bad press for no good reason. Each year they do a lot of charitable work and are some of the nicest people you could meet. It was sad to had died.

Mrs Y COOPER, Erdington backed But the idea of on their donkeys Andto think they get away with it, I Yes, there is a minority who let the rest of them down. But all bikers should not be judged on the actions of a few mindless idiots.

I see that the event was attended by TALENT: Faye Bray and Michael Jackson.

about 6,000 bikers. That's an example the rest of us should follow.

of wine. Were they thinking that boy would whip out the bottle and swigging it in the aisles? this, they ordered all hydrants and hoses to be standardised all over the country, which they are to this day. Too few of us give thanks these days to those who have died to secure our freedom.

Reference helped SARAH-Jane Marsh may have got her job as the boss of the Children's Hospital on her own merit. bottle the start I'm Folk go missing all the time and never reappear. Papergirl Gillian Tate, from Aylesbeare in Devon, has never been found after more than 30 years. Little Ben Needham has been missing for 17 years.

Thanks bikers. Your tribute is much appreciated.

Although Coventry defended itself on the ground with anti-aircraft fire, there was no air cover - no Spitfires.

all for strict licensing laws and stopping youngsters from getting drunk surely the supermarket could have wn some common sense.

- but sho We must continue to hope. But I bet that a reference from the boss of the NHS didn't do her chances at the IRIS KENYON, Stafford Why not? It was rumoured that if the Prime Minister and the War Office had F C OSBORNE, Sheldon Mrs M EDWARDS, Birmingham interview any harmeither. Reality of If I had been one of the other interviewees allowed fighters to attack the German bombers, it would have told the enemy


TALENT: Faye Bray and Michael Jackson.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Oct 18, 2009
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