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Tartessian; celtic in the south-west at the dawn of history.


Tartessian; celtic in the south-west at the dawn of history.

Koch, John T.

Celtic Studies Publications


173 pages




Koch (Welsh and Celtic studies, U. of Wales-Aberystwyth) comes to the support of Greek historian Herodotus in identifying the people of what is now southern Portugal and southwestern Spain as Celts, a position most modern scholars are disinclined to accept. He shows how some 85 inscriptions from about 750-450 BC closely resemble the Celtiberian spoken in east-central Spain, Gaulish across the Pyrenees, and the insular Celtic languages still spoken across what is now the English Channel. If Tartessian is Celtic, he points out; it will have been the first attested Celtic language by a century or more. Distributed in North America by The David Brown Book Co.

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Date:Nov 1, 2009
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