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Car sales skid to 7-year low with tariffs dimming prospects. Jan 14, 2021 389
Exports facilitation strategy of FBR leading to significant exports growth. Jan 14, 2021 443
PH lists 37 Thai exports that may lose tariff concessions. Jan 14, 2021 924
FBR Integrated Strategy amply contributed to significant increase in exports. Jan 14, 2021 688
Export growth linked to FBR's strategy. Jan 14, 2021 255
FBR's exports facilitation strategy leads to significant trade growth upt o 50%. Jan 14, 2021 731
Kyiv Not Planning To Change Heating And Hot Water Tariffs In 2020/2021. Jan 13, 2021 227
Ministry likely to approach ECC for abolishing import duties on raw sugar. Jan 13, 2021 441
FBR's exports facilitation strategy leads to significant trade growth upt o 50%. Jan 13, 2021 669
EU "Regrets" US tariffs On French And German Products, Looks To Biden. Jan 12, 2021 236
Reimposition of 40% tariff on MDM will not hurt consumers badly- SINAG. Jan 11, 2021 410
UK trade deal gives Vietnamese consumers greater access to luxury goods. Jan 11, 2021 1252
40% chicken MDM tariff to raise P5B more-Sinag. Jan 11, 2021 579
Customs collects P14.6B in rice tariffs in January-November '20. Jan 11, 2021 367
Union lobbied hard for free trade and no tariffs. Cameron McIver Jan 11, 2021 657
PH exports to US lose GSP privileges. Jan 11, 2021 462
Four key impacts of the Brexit deal on UK food & drink; analysis brexit deal Harry Holmes The trade deal dodges punishing tariffs, but there are plenty of changes for the UK food industry to adapt to, despite little notice. Jan 9, 2021 1184
Marks down; M&S says Percy Pig threatened by Brexit tariffs. TREVOR QUINN and RUAIRI SCOTT BYRNE Jan 9, 2021 294
No decision about tariffs on Vietnamese goods yet: USTR. Jan 8, 2021 363
In 2020, the wine industry faced both the pandemic and wildfires. Dave McIntyre The Washington Post Jan 8, 2021 858
France Calls For Global Agreement As US Freezes Tariffs Over Tech Tax. Jan 8, 2021 271
Debenhams online service axed over Brexit tariffs. CATHAL AUSTIN Jan 8, 2021 196
ECC approves 2% additional cut in customs duties on 152 tariff lines. Jan 7, 2021 445
Lawmaker wants tax-free COVID-19 shots for private workers. Jan 7, 2021 453
Auto industry split over new DTI safeguard duty on imported cars. Jan 7, 2021 644
Higher MDM tariff seen to yield additional P5 billion revenues. Jan 7, 2021 559
DTI to vehicle makers: Take advantage of safeguard duty. Jan 7, 2021 570
Brexit: Concern that Scottish whitefish fleet may have to stop fishing is a warning sign about all-too-real barriers to trade - Scotsman comment; In his Christmas Eve statement about the signing of the Brexit trade deal with the EU, Boris Johnson trumpeted the fact that there would be no "palisade of tariffs" which, to his credit, was a considerable achievement given the dangers to the UK economy if the 11th-hour agreement had not been struck. Scotsman comment Jan 7, 2021 440
Tariffs anew for exports to US as GSP lapses. Jan 7, 2021 519
ECC approves 2% additional cut in customs duties on 152 tariff lines. Jan 7, 2021 494
ECC approves summary regarding removal of additional 2% customs duties on 152 tariff lines. Jan 7, 2021 408
ECC okays additional wheat import for buffer stock. Jan 7, 2021 979
ECC okays removal of customs duty. Jan 7, 2021 573
ECC approves removal of additional 2% customs duties on 152 tariff lines. Jan 7, 2021 511
ECC removes 2% custom duties on 152 Tariff Lines. Jan 6, 2021 537
One whiff of competition and other nations are hammered with tariffs; You say... Jan 6, 2021 194
ECC approves removal of additional customs duties on 152 tariff lines. Jan 6, 2021 448
Exporters demand customs duty waiver on cotton yarn. Jan 5, 2021 375
Experts cite need for import tariff reductions. Jan 5, 2021 522
Government has not increased import duties - GSA. Jan 5, 2021 474
PH auto industry slams PH imposition of safeguard duty. Jan 5, 2021 1106
What is the DTI's safeguard duty and how will it affect new imported cars? Jan 5, 2021 1086
Car firms warn tariffs to make crisis recovery harder. Jan 5, 2021 554
CTRM for 5% MDM rate as BOC slaps 40% tariff. Jan 5, 2021 1808
PHL slaps safeguard duty on imported cars, LCVs. Jan 5, 2021 611
40% tariff on chicken, turkey MDM soon-BOC. Jan 4, 2021 1099
Philippines slaps protective duties vs. car imports. Jan 4, 2021 435
Georgia Capital's Water Business Gains Approval To Increase Tariffs. Jan 4, 2021 176
Azerbaijani Tariff Council changes retail prices for some goods, services. Jan 4, 2021 337
Application Of Zero Duty On Wine Import From EU Entered Into Force. Jan 4, 2021 185
Dhaka Wasa mulls zonal water tariffs. Jan 4, 2021 424
Firms urge streamlining of tax laws. Jan 3, 2021 699
IDP surpasses collection target. Jan 3, 2021 163
Government to retain 5% tariff on imported MDM. Jan 3, 2021 490
Concessionary tariff eligibility rules notified. Jan 2, 2021 324
Relief at lack of tariffs on EU seafood exports. KEITH FINDLAY Jan 2, 2021 583
Government has not increased import duties - GSA. Jan 1, 2021 490
FG Should Remove Import Duty On Raw Materials, Machinery -Iche. Jan 1, 2021 419
EU will seek to resolve Trump's tariff legacy. Reuters News Service Jan 1, 2021 538
French traders, EU sound alarm over U.S. tit-for-tat tariffs. Jan 1, 2021 187
TOP NEWS: US Slams Tariffs On European Products In Airbus-Boeing Spat. Dec 31, 2020 433
UPDATE: EU "Regrets" New US Tariffs In Airbus-Boeing Subsidies Dispute. Dec 31, 2020 277
More costs and new challenges, but deal could mean investment by car giants. David Bailey Dec 31, 2020 850
NEPRA reserves tariff hike decision. Dec 31, 2020 471
Afghanistan imposes import duty on kinnow from Pakistan. Dec 30, 2020 602
'Well done, Boris!' teesside leaders react as brexit trade deal agreed. MIKE BROWN Reporter Dec 28, 2020 857
Rice duty reduced to resist price rises. Dec 28, 2020 1588
Brexit trade deal: 15 details buried in the small print of 1,246-page pact; The deal comes into effect on January 1, and prevents tariffs or quotas on [pounds sterling]668 billion a year of trade. But there are other aspects emerging from the small print that aren't quite as rosy. By, Dan Bloom & Oliver Milne Dec 28, 2020 2840
Cabinet Cancels Preferential Tariff For Electricity For Population From January 1, 2021 And Extends PSO On Electricity Market Until April. Dec 28, 2020 271
Import duty being cut by 6pc on raw materials. Dec 28, 2020 214
RED TAPE NIGHTMAR; After Brexit deal, UK firms still face a massive new headache Paying tariffs may be easier, experts warn. John Siddle Dec 27, 2020 779
THERE'S A CATCH.. BREXIT DEAL: EXPERTS WARN OF extra costs and bureaucracy; Sanctions if ministers give UK firms a competitive edge; Layers of red tape to cost business millions. CHRIS MCLAUGHLIN and JOHN SIDDLE Dec 27, 2020 790
Import duty being cut by 6pc on raw materials. Dec 27, 2020 326
Brexit small print shows Boris Johnson's 'triumphant' deal is full of holes; The Prime Minister is singing the praises of his 11th hour deal with the EU, but a closer look at the 1,246 page document reveals penalties for businesses -and the whole thing could be up for renegotiation in four years time. By, John Siddle & Chris McLaughlin Dec 26, 2020 1473
Brexit deal 'red tape' warning as UK faces 'serious' disruption at border; Firms will find it easier to just pay tariffs, experts have warned, with new custom checks on goods traded between Britain and the EU due within days. By, John Siddle Dec 26, 2020 765
Duty structure for Afghan trade being simplified. S.Muddasir Ali Shah Dec 26, 2020 190
VAT exemption for COVID vaccines sought. Dec 26, 2020 461
South Africa ready to consider lowering tea tariffs. Dec 25, 2020 368
Salceda bats for tax and duty-free importation of COVID-19 vaccines. Dec 25, 2020 385
Afghanistan imposes import duty on kinnow from Pakistan. Dec 25, 2020 602
China to lower tariffs for imports in 2021. Dec 24, 2020 495
KWSB tariff. Dec 24, 2020 318
Proposal for tax-free import of COVID-19 vaccine backed. Dec 24, 2020 712
Pakistan approves electric-vehicle policy ahead of promise to cut emissions. Dec 23, 2020 362
Cabinet approves EV Policy for 4 wheelers: Hammad. Dec 23, 2020 291
Canada And UK Sign Interim Deal To Avoid Tariff Increase After Brexit. Dec 23, 2020 215
Cabinet approves EV Policy for 4 wheelers: Hammad. Dec 23, 2020 248
Tariffs' update increases number of listing applications - Baku Stock Exchange. Dec 21, 2020 222
RE firms eye P35.7B from FIT subsidies. Dec 21, 2020 549
DTI, TC differ over cement safeguard duty. Dec 21, 2020 529
Egypt establishes e-system to track goods in transit. Egypt Today staff Dec 21, 2020 629
Cost of electricity revised in Oman. By: Times News Service Dec 20, 2020 396
Electricity, water to cost more. Dec 20, 2020 508
Three key ways a deal could still make all the difference; Many changes are locked in, but key issues remain at stake. Holmes, Larry Dec 19, 2020 699
Co-op suppliers told to absorb tariff price hikes. Ian Quinn Dec 19, 2020 311
CBK, it's premature to withdraw tariff waivers. Dec 18, 2020 401
US/UK in talks on mini deal over tariffs. Dec 18, 2020 342
Hopes of removing damaging US tariffs boosted. Dec 18, 2020 219
UK Government 'putting USA first' in tariff conflict. OWEN HUGHES Dec 17, 2020 540
Customs duty cuts set for Jan 1. Dec 17, 2020 565
GLOBAL TOP NEWS SUMMARY: US And UK Negotiating Mini Trade Tariff Deal. Dec 17, 2020 1563
Britain, EU strike pessimistic tone in post-Brexit trade talks. Reuters News Service Dec 17, 2020 778
Speaker urged to issue subpoena on oil importers to ascertain taxes and duties to be assessed. Dec 16, 2020 449
TOP NEWS: Australia To Take China To WTO Over Barley Tariffs. Dec 16, 2020 595
Duty-free yarn imports demanded for textile sector. Dec 15, 2020 172
Why we want import duty on vehicles reduced, by auto dealers. Dec 15, 2020 685
NAMA Kicks Against Planned Tariff Reduction On Imported Vehicles. Dec 14, 2020 819
Gov't collects P 162.8B from fuel-marking program. Dec 14, 2020 370
Tariffs 'not the end of the world' - minister. Dec 14, 2020 386
Talks extension 'should quash tariff concern' THE extension of post-Brexit trade talks should lead to a tariff and. MICHAEL MCHUGH Dec 14, 2020 178
What would a no-deal Brexit mean for you? 11 ways your family could be hit; Food and clothes prices, cars, motorways and even sausages could be hit by a no-deal Brexit. Here are 11 ways failing to get a trade deal in time for January 1 will affect you in real life. By, Dan Bloom & Oliver Milne Dec 13, 2020 2335
Gov't collects P 162.8B from fuel-marking program. Dec 13, 2020 372
PS2bn cost of no-deal Brexit will be hard to swallow; FOOD AND DRINK CHIEF WARNS TARIFFS COULD END MOST OF OUR RED MEAT EXPORTS TO EUROPE Uncertainty is causing some businesses to stop selling to EU from this weekend. Katrine Bussey Dec 13, 2020 828
PS2bn cost of no-deal Brexit will be hard to swallow; FOOD AND DRINK LEADER WARNS TARIFFS MAY END BULK OF OUR RED MEAT EXPORTS TO EUROPE Industry chief Nightmare top of virus will mean the end for struggling firms. Katrine Bussey Dec 13, 2020 814
Brexit no deal: Tory MP David Duguid says trade tariffs 'not end of the world'; Tariffs imposed on goods after a no-deal Brexit are "not necessarily the end of the world", a minister in the Scottish Office has said. Angus Howarth Dec 13, 2020 387
SMEs, exporters told: Tap enhanced market access for goods under RCEP. Dec 12, 2020 598
Retailers warn of price rises if agreement on tariffs is not agreed before Brexit. Dec 11, 2020 837
Food bills to rise as shops face 'tarif fbombshell'. Dec 11, 2020 281
Will food be more expensive after Brexit? Why supermarkets could increase prices after January 1; As the UK edges ever closer to an official exit from the EU, there are concerns that food prices could spike come January.`. Sarah Wilson Dec 11, 2020 509
Stakeholders call for fair execution of tariff regime for RLNG transportation. Dec 11, 2020 861
Shoppers would bear the brunt of tariffs on products, retailers warn. Dec 11, 2020 453
Price of food to rise by [pounds sterling]3.1bn a year if we don't reach Brexit deal; "Currently, four-fifths of UK food imports come from the EU and without a tariff-free deal, supermarkets and their customers face over [pounds sterling]3 billion in tariffs from 2021.". By, Neil Shaw Dec 11, 2020 673
The failures of protectionist trade policies. Veronique de Rugy Dec 10, 2020 745
Shoppers will pay price for no-deal Brexit, say retailers; Shoppers will pay the price if the UK Government does not secure a zero-tariff agreement with the EU, retailers have warned. Lucinda Cameron Dec 10, 2020 405
Tesco boss says food prices may rise and shelves be empty after Brexit; Mr Allan warned food bills could climb by 5% on average in the event of a no-deal scenario, with specific products likely to increase significantly more. By, Neil Shaw Dec 10, 2020 346
Tesco Chair Sees Price Hikes, Temporary Shortages From No-Deal Brexit. Dec 10, 2020 336
Distillers welcome UK initiative to drop tariffs on transatlantic trade. Dec 9, 2020 442
UK breaks with EU on US tariffs. Reuters News Service Dec 9, 2020 539
UK Minister Truss Sets Out Approach To Trade Disputes With US. Dec 9, 2020 465
Power Loom owners demand zero duty on yarn import. Dec 8, 2020 242
Warning no-deal Brexit could kill Midland car jobs; industry desperate to avoid tariffs as eu deadline nears. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Dec 8, 2020 612
DTI hikes cement import duty. Dec 7, 2020 770
FG grants N342bn waivers to importers in 2 years. Dec 4, 2020 519
Are you READY? reAdy? The UK leaves the single market and customs union on 1 January. If you import and export goods, take these steps. Dec 4, 2020 514
FG Grants N342bn Waivers To Importers In Two Years. Dec 3, 2020 649
Australia thanks Taiwan for supporting its winemakers amid Chinese tariffs. Dec 3, 2020 310
Are you re dy? reAdy? The UK leaves the single market and customs union on 1 January. If you import and export goods, take these steps. Dec 3, 2020 507
PRESS: US's Biden Vows No Quick Rollback Of Trump's China Tariffs. Dec 2, 2020 261
Are you READY? The UK leaves the single market and customs union on 1 January. If you import and export goods, take these steps. Dec 2, 2020 507
Delayed connections pile up as Discos seek 86-paisa tariff hike. Dec 2, 2020 828
Custom collected duty above target. Dec 2, 2020 221
Distribution firms fail to satisfy NEPRA on tariff hike. Dec 2, 2020 454
Are you re dy? reAdy? The UK leaves the single market and customs union on 1 January. If you import and export goods, take these steps. Dec 2, 2020 507
MWSS announces downward tariff adjustment on customer water bills. Dec 2, 2020 675
FG concedes N1.02tr import duty waiver, grants in 3 years -Minister. Dec 1, 2020 681
Are you READY? The UK leaves the single market and customs union on 1 January. If you import and export goods, take these steps. Dec 1, 2020 514
Do not use protectionism to achieve import substitution - experts. Nov 30, 2020 398
PH excludes farm products, cement from RCEP tariff cuts. Nov 29, 2020 680
BIR, Customs ordered to help probe 'collusion' between rice importers, co-ops. Nov 28, 2020 520
Government defends imposing 15 percent CESS tax on pads. Nov 27, 2020 252
Villar bill distributing excess rice tariff as aid for farmers hurdles 2nd reading. Nov 26, 2020 417
COVID-19: Freight forwarders seek reduction of 35% duty on ambulances, medical equipment. Nov 26, 2020 316
Senators endorse giving excess rice tariff collections to farmers. Nov 25, 2020 484
Are you READY? The UK leaves the single market and customs union on 1 January. If you import and export goods, take these steps. Nov 25, 2020 523
Don't be left behind on January 1; business To prepare for The new rules - and doing so MIGHT Take longer Than you Think. Nov 25, 2020 1593
Duties waived on PPEs. Nov 25, 2020 175
Are you READY? The UK leaves the single market and customs union on 1 January. If you import and export goods, take these steps. Nov 25, 2020 507
Are you READY? The UK leaves the single market and customs union on 1 January. If you import and export goods, take these steps. Nov 25, 2020 507
Are you READY? The UK leaves the single market and customs union on 1 January. If you import and export goods, take these steps. Nov 25, 2020 507
ARE YOU READY? The UK leaves the single market and customs union on 1 January. If you import and export goods, take these steps. Nov 25, 2020 507
Are you READY? The UK leaves the single market and customs union on 1 January. If you import and export goods, take these steps. Nov 25, 2020 507
Import duty: Reps condemn disregard for FG waiver on aircraft parts. Nov 24, 2020 303
Senate Urges FG To Implement Zero Duty On Aircraft Importation, Spare Parts. Nov 24, 2020 356
Innoson Warns FG Over Plan To Reduce Tariff On Imported Vehicles. Nov 24, 2020 764
UK and Canada agree Brexit trade deal under existing EU terms - bringing relief to businesses facing high tariffs; The UK and Canada have agreed a deal to continue trading under the same terms as the current European Union agreement after the Brexit transition period ends, in a relief for businesses fearing high tariffs. Press Association Nov 21, 2020 368
PAN faults FG's plan to reduce import duty on vehicles. Nov 20, 2020 512
ASEAN ministers sign MOU to address non-tariff measures. Nov 19, 2020 483
FG To Reduce Import Duties On Tractors, Buses, Others. Nov 19, 2020 1376
Can Senate Order Detention Of Containers? Nov 19, 2020 1506
Umeme lobbying removal of taxes on transformers. Nov 19, 2020 521
Xi says China won't seek 'decouple,' from U.S, pledges to cut tariffs. Nov 19, 2020 872
China Exempts 97 Per Cent Of Burkinabe Products From Customs Duties. Nov 18, 2020 499
70% import duty on vehicles creating bottlenecks for Nigerian transport. Nov 18, 2020 874
New Universal Credit broadband tariff gives you internet access for [pounds sterling]15 a month; Virgin Media said people on means-tested benefits, such as Universal Credit, can sign up for the new price plan from Monday. It comes after Vodafone launched a new [pounds sterling]10 all in tariff for mobile customers. By, Emma Munbodh Nov 16, 2020 579
US-EU tariff war could be avoided - France Finance Minister. Reuters News Service Nov 15, 2020 354
Fears of no deal Brexit rise as minister says car industry will 'adapt' to tariffs; Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney said there would be no agreement if Boris Johnson maintained plans that would allow Britain to break international law. By, Pippa Crerar & Mikey Smith Nov 15, 2020 856
KCCI requested to assist in dealing with exorbitant duties, taxes on motorcycle spare parts. Nov 14, 2020 505
SSGC, SNGPL oppose OGRA's decision to cut consumer tariff. Nov 13, 2020 172
Nepra declines interest payments on Wapda loans. Khaleeq Kiani Nov 13, 2020 628
Meeting of plastic sector regarding tariff rationalisation held. Nov 13, 2020 392
As tariffs come down with RCEP, can PHL farmers, labor compete? Nov 12, 2020 456
Brexit: No tariffs for Bangladeshi products in UK. Nov 12, 2020 537
Govt forgoes over P12m in VAT exemption. Nov 10, 2020 387
EU puts tariffs on U.S. after illegal aid given to Boeing Boeing: 7,000 more jobs will still be cut. LORNE COOK Associated Press Nov 10, 2020 912
Scotch Malt Whisky Society cheers record year as China and US outperform; The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) has raised a glass to another record year with strong growth in the US despite the imposition of trade tariffs. Scott Reid Nov 10, 2020 492
EU to impose tariffs on U.S. products in aircraft manufacturer dispute. Nov 9, 2020 185
Vodafone launches new [pounds sterling]10 tariff for people on Universal Credit; The unlimited data, minutes and texts are designed to help those most in need during the pandemic. By, Neil Shaw Nov 9, 2020 316
Power: flat rate tariff. Nov 8, 2020 229
Meat importers ask CTRM to cut MFN duty on pork. Nov 8, 2020 445
EU set to impose tariffs on $4 billion U.S. goods next week. Reuters News Service Nov 7, 2020 626
Dominguez: Fuel marking in PH showing success vs oil smuggling. Nov 6, 2020 421
Councillors back tariff-free port bid. ALISTAIR MUNRO Nov 5, 2020 490
Reliance Jio announces three new annual plans for JioPhone users starting at Rs 1001. Nov 5, 2020 382
Ibedc Implements Revised Service Reflective Tariff. Nov 5, 2020 262
ECC to decide on 152 tariff lines today. Khaleeq Kiani Nov 4, 2020 510
Import duties, taxes up in October. Nov 4, 2020 458
EEDC Implements New Revised Service Reflective Tariff In South East. Nov 2, 2020 393
KEDCO Resumes Implementation Of Service-Based Tariff. Nov 2, 2020 245
Ikeja Electric implements revised service reflective tariff. Nov 2, 2020 437
EEDC implements new revised service reflective tariff in S/East. Nov 2, 2020 387
Yola Electricity Company implements revised tariff. Nov 2, 2020 172
AEDC Reverts To Revised Service-Based Reflective Tariff. Nov 1, 2020 262
Tariff differential: MoF urged to release half of subsidy's amount. Oct 31, 2020 833
Hydropower Producers Resisting Tariff Cut. Oct 31, 2020 556
S. Korea, Mongolia to lower tariffs starting 2021 under regional trade pact. Oct 30, 2020 169
Why soy sauce is causing a stir. Oct 30, 2020 443
Help Desk to be set up at LCCI soon Wasa to cut tariff for industries:aImtiaz. Oct 28, 2020 522
Senate probe of rice tariff law pushed. Oct 27, 2020 175
CeMAP seeks delay in import duty cut. Oct 26, 2020 490
Rice tariff collection hits P13 B, tops full-year goal-DOF. Oct 23, 2020 898
Farmers ask gov't to impose safeguard duty on rice imports. Oct 23, 2020 535
Keen for more US trade deals. Oct 22, 2020 446
Trade deal tariffs no laughing matter; TALK BACK. Oct 21, 2020 268
Reliance Jio increases the price of Disney+ Hotstar VIP addon tariff plan to Rs 255. Oct 21, 2020 371
US and Europe jostle over Boeing-Airbus dispute. Oct 21, 2020 526
U.S., Britain trade talks enter final stretch. Reuters News Service Oct 21, 2020 625
Punjab govt decides to revise water, sanitation tariffs. Oct 20, 2020 355
Rice farmers seek bigger financial aid. Oct 19, 2020 665
Villar: P4.6 billion excess tariff collection to be given out as cash assistance to farmers. Oct 19, 2020 444
'Safeguard duties better than direct cash aid'. Oct 19, 2020 688
Customs issues reminders for duty-free shipments of balikbayan boxes ahead of Christmas season. Oct 16, 2020 415
U.S. offers tariff truce if Airbus repays billions in aid. Andrew Rosenbaum Oct 16, 2020 734
Senate panel OKs reso on cash aid for rice farmers from excess tariffs. Oct 16, 2020 255
Safeguard duty on rice, corn sought. Oct 16, 2020 732
Senate approves cash aid to farmers from excess rice import tariff collections. Oct 16, 2020 641
KomA!iA: If we want to avoid tariffs, we need to show will to recognize Kosovo. Oct 16, 2020 266
It's the safeguard, sir. Oct 16, 2020 770
Illegally imported Iranian fruit upsets Pakistan apple cart. Naimat Khan Oct 15, 2020 656
Vohra terms KE tariff hike a big blow, demands withdrawal. Oct 14, 2020 282
DOF exempts medical, school supplies from duties. Oct 14, 2020 379
WTO allows EU tariffs in Boeing case Tariffs:. JAMEY KEATEN Associated Press Oct 14, 2020 446
Tariff Hike: There's No Technology Supporting Pay-Per- View - MultiChoice. Oct 13, 2020 187
No-deal Brexit will force prices up, dairy giant boss warns shoppers. HENRY SAKER-CLARK Oct 13, 2020 529
Rules on tax-free imports of medical, learning kits OKd. Oct 13, 2020 530
EU Set To Get World Trade Organization Green Light For US Tariffs. Oct 13, 2020 379
Import tax on dhal, canned fish, big onions and sugar removed. Oct 13, 2020 194
KCCI rejects hike in K-Electric tariff, demands withdrawal. Oct 13, 2020 413
Power Division notifies up to Rs2.89 per unit increase in K-Electric tariff. Oct 12, 2020 314
Tariffs after LDC graduation to cause exports down. Oct 11, 2020 728
The diplomat with a passion for whisky; SWA chief Karen Betts is drawing on her diplomatic experience to resolve punitive US tariffs on scotch whisky. Brexit is the next hurdle on her to-do list. Harry Holmes Oct 10, 2020 1332
US to impose tariffs on Croatian aluminium production. Oct 10, 2020 286
Textile mills demand increase in duty drawback. Oct 10, 2020 455
APTMA urges IOCO to make duty drawbacks realistic to facilitate exports. Oct 10, 2020 320
NTP Board decides reduction in ACDs, RDs. Oct 10, 2020 307
Additional customs duties being removed. Oct 9, 2020 380
Pak-WB discuss cooperation on tariff rationalization, E-commerce, EODB. Oct 9, 2020 333
For reducing cost of doing business, TPB asks to remove anomalies in tariff structure. Oct 9, 2020 470
Razak supports 'Make in Pakistan' initiative led economic growth. Oct 9, 2020 459
Razak supports "Make in Pakistan" initiative led economic growth. Oct 9, 2020 405
Pak-WB discuss cooperation on tariff rationalisation, E-commerce, EoDB. Oct 8, 2020 361
Pak-WB discuss cooperation on tariff rationalization, E-commerce, EODB,. Oct 8, 2020 356
Profit crunch for shortbread giant. STAN ARNAUD Oct 8, 2020 568
Govt mulls slashing duties on 152 tariff lines. Oct 8, 2020 488
Pak-WB discuss cooperation on tariff rationalization, E-commerce, EODB,. Oct 8, 2020 306
UK Government 'failing' Scottish whisky industry after year of Donald Trump's tariffs; The British Government has been accused of "failing" Scottish whisky by failing to solve the massive tariffs first imposed on the industry one year ago. Alexander Brown Oct 8, 2020 363
Car giant asks Ministers to cover no-deal tariffs. GRAEME WHITFIELD Business editor @Graemewhitfield Oct 7, 2020 525
Egypt's presidential facilities in auto sector attract investments. Zamzam Mostafa Oct 7, 2020 1104
Glo Launches Berekete Tariff, Splashes Mega Bonuses On Customers. Oct 7, 2020 370
Negotiators reach out to Biden's allies about 'unfair' whisky tariffs. Oct 6, 2020 255
MWSS studies tariff impact of MWC's P14-B East Bay project. Oct 6, 2020 588
Brexit: Boris Johnson says UK 'can live with' no-deal as issue of tariffs raised; The Prime Minister has said that the UK economy could survive trading on WTO terms if no deal comes from post-Brexit trade talks with the EU, as his government was pressed to set out what steps were being taken over "damaging" tariffs imposed by America on key Scottish exports. Gina Davidson Oct 4, 2020 546
Electricity Charges: IBEDC Reverts To Old Tariff. Oct 3, 2020 213
Warning Scotch whisky may be facing US tariffs for many more months. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE, WESTMINSTER CORRESPONDENT Oct 2, 2020 443
AEDC announces suspension of tariff hike for Abuja, others. Oct 2, 2020 314
Review of rice tariff law sought as palay prices plummet. Oct 1, 2020 439
Car makers face higher tariffs after EU 'rejects parts deal'. EMMA BOWDEN Oct 1, 2020 654
US urges PH to cut non-tariff measures. Oct 1, 2020 606
The Boeing vs. Airbus fight is coming to a head Fight: WTO poised to OK $4B in U.S. tariffs. Bryce Baschuk Bloomberg Oct 1, 2020 712
First Complaint Against Section 301 China Tariffs Filed at Court of International Trade: THE LAWSUIT ASKS THE COURT TO VACATE THE LIST 3 TARIFFS AND ORDER TO REFUND DUTIES PAID BY THE PLAINTIFFS. Salmon, Stephanie Oct 1, 2020 263
Back to square one with the rice federation and EU. Sep 30, 2020 694
EU to impose new tariffs on US goods. Reuters News Service Sep 30, 2020 449
FG to grant duty waivers on imported vessels. Sep 29, 2020 441
Cambodia, CRF win rice battle in EU Court. Sep 29, 2020 532
Innoson seeks duty waiver for industries in South East. Sep 28, 2020 319
Nigerians renew call on Multichoice, others on pay as you go tariff. Sep 27, 2020 687
Farming leaders call for Brexit trade deal after tariffs report. Sep 26, 2020 536
Higher food prices if no free trade deal; BUSINESS IN BRIEF. Sep 26, 2020 188
Duty on raw material imports being slashed: Dawood. Sep 26, 2020 235
Tariff price-hike warning; Brexit: Food and drink fear if deal not reached. KEITH FINDLAY Sep 26, 2020 224
Motorists face 2p fuel duty hike next year to pay for coronavirus black hole; EXCLUSIVE Rushi Sunak is reportedly set to put off any further tax rises until 2022 despite the ongoing damage the pandemic and lockdowns have done to the country's finances. By, Nigel Nelson Sep 26, 2020 310
Scots warned of food price hike under no-deal Brexit; Scots are facing food price hikes in supermarkets next year when the Brexit transition period ends unless a free trade deal is struck with the EU, grocery chiefs have warned. Scott Macnab Sep 26, 2020 429
Tariff hike for power distribution firms okayed. Sep 25, 2020 480
Supermarket shoppers to see bills rise [pounds sterling]3.1bn a year unless a deal with the EU is done; If the Government refuses to sign a free trade deal with the EU, it will cost supermarket shoppers in the UK an extra [pounds sterling]3.1billion a year in tariffs on food and drink. By, James Andrews Sep 25, 2020 362
Tariff recoveries from BOC audit eyed for farmers' benefit. Sep 24, 2020 927
ECC approves removal of customs duties on textile sector. Sep 24, 2020 249
Automakers Sue US Government Over Tariffs On Chinese Imports. Sep 24, 2020 426
ECC approves removal of customs duties on textile sector. Sep 24, 2020 293
McLaren's fear over EU tariffs; city desk. no deal helps no one, warns boss. Sep 24, 2020 269
ECC okays Rs3.85 billion for salaries of Pakistan Steel Mills employees. Sep 24, 2020 849
Duties withdrawn on over 163 tariff lines to promote man-made fibres. Sep 24, 2020 563
McLaren's fear over EU tariffs; FINANCE; NO DEAL HELPS NO ONE, WARNS BOSS; EXCLUSIVE. Edited by GRAHAM HISCOTT Sep 24, 2020 269
McLaren's fear over EU tariffs; FINANCE NO DEAL HELPS NO ONE, WARNS BOSS. Edited by GRAHAM HISCOTT Sep 24, 2020 270
East African partners throw Kenya under the bus in Brexit talks. Sep 24, 2020 927
Health Ministry Expects To Raise Tariff For Emergency Medical Care 2.5 Times To UAH 412 In 2021. Sep 23, 2020 255
ECC likely to remove duties on selected textile sector items. Sep 23, 2020 314
Hafeez Shaikh to chair ECC meeting today. Sep 23, 2020 454
Palace: Revocation of PH tariff perks a long shot. Sep 23, 2020 376
BoC steps up campaign vs rice import undervaluation. Sep 23, 2020 261
Vigt Nam initiates anti-dumping investigation on sugar imported from Thailand. Sep 22, 2020 440

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