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Targeting tumors.

Targeting tumors

Scientists attending the annual meeting of the AmericanAssociation for Cancer Research in Atlanta last month expressed optimism about a newly developed chemical that selectively kills tumor cells. J. Martin Brown, director of the radiation biology division at Stanford University School of Medicine, reported that he and his colleagues have designed a new compound that is naturally metabolized into a toxic form in the oxygen-depleted environment characteristic of many tumors. Solid tumors are often low in oxygen, or hypoxic, because they have outgrown their own blood supply.

Like other so-called bioreductive agents, the chemical, SR4233, has been shown to release DNA-damaging free radicals at tumor cells in mice, especially when administered with other drugs that make tumors even more hypoxic than usual. Brown says the new chemical is "at least an order of magnitude more selective for hypoxic cells than previously used compounds,' and so is less apt to harm healthy cells.
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Title Annotation:new chemical, SR4233, selectively kills tumor cells
Publication:Science News
Date:Jun 13, 1987
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