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Targeting gun dealers.

An October 29 editorial in the Examiner by Kurt Hoffman shoots holes through an anti-gun "expose" the Washington Post recently published. Hoffman quickly and effectively debunks the Post "expose," which lays the blame for gun crime on a few different gun dealers that were profiled, and exposes the dubious accounting they used to identify what they referred to as "crime guns," which they traced back to the dealers. Hoffman explains that the dealers mentioned actually complied with all existing laws. In addition, the figures used to describe "crime guns" include ones that were purchased in gun buyback programs or obtained by law enforcement in other ways that may have never been used in actual crimes. This fuzzy math allowed the anti-gun editorial to pad the numbers for dramatic effect. As a matter of fact, a law-enforcement officer lamented the fact that the dealers have not actually done anything illegal. Hoffman sums up the message of the anti-gun Post series with the following conclusion: "So, in other words, gun dealers are just supposed to know a prospective customer's criminal history--even when the mandated [National Instant Criminal Background Check System] turns up nothing that would mandate blocking a sale. I think I've figured out what new law [enforcement regulations] should demand: to obtain a gun dealer's federal firearms license (FFL), an applicant should have to prove that he is clairvoyant."

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Title Annotation:EXERCISING THE RIGHT; Kurt Hoffman
Author:Krey, Patrick
Publication:The New American
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Date:Dec 6, 2010
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