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Target the women's market with gift cards.

Every few months, my local mall pulls off a stealthy and highly effective marketing strategy: They lure me to the mall for an unplanned visit. The mall's tactic is simple. They promise me a gift card. The funny thing is, it's only a $10 gift card, but no matter how inconvenient, I always try my hardest to get to the mall to pick up that gift card. So the mall has scored a coup, and I am now on the premises.


I have occasionally taken my gift card and run, but most of the time, I shop. I blow through that gift card in minutes and, by the time I leave the mall, I've spent 10 times the value of the gift card. Another coup scored by the mall.

Gun dealers can use gift cards in the same manner. The excellent thing about gift cards is they can be tweaked to fit your store's needs, and used to target an audience you'd like to see more of in your store.

Decide if you want to offer women customers a $10 card, or a 10-percent-off card. Have a minimum purchase a requirement for using the gift card, or specify the products the card can be redeemed on. A very popular gift-card offer is to give your customers a $10 gift card for every $100 they spend. The customer spends full price on the day of purchase, and in the future, they are sure to spend more than $10 on their next purchase.

The marketing possibilities of gift cards are nearly limitless, and women are very familiar with the gift-card concept. Offer a small accessory for free, and $10 off the purchase of a gun. In many cases, the promotional item could be a free perk from a manufacturer or distributor perks program. The customer receives added value, and you are out very little expense.

The real beauty of the gift-card system is that in order to send your customers gift cards, you need to collect personal information about them. Customers will willingly give you contact information for the chance to earn something for free. They will also be happy to give you information about their interests, to receive targeted perks. In the process, you build up a customer database full of information you can use for future marketing.
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Title Annotation:Arms and the woman
Comment:Target the women's market with gift cards.(Arms and the woman)
Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Jul 1, 2011
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