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Tarari Says Cards Will Speed God-Boxes.

Tarari Inc yesterday went to general OEM availability with a line of PCI cards it says can help security device manufacturers add crucial performance improvements to their perimeter security appliances.

The new RegEx Content Processor card handles the processing of regular expressions, so the CPU doesn't have to. The company says the cards are already being built into appliances by several big-brand OEMs it cannot name.

Tarari says the cards are particularly well suited to being built into multi-function perimeter security appliances - devices that comprise scanning for intrusions, viruses, spam and so on, which are becoming known as "god-boxes".

Most of these features work on the same premise, said Greg Brown, director of network security products at the company. They open up packets as they pass through and check to see if there's any bad traffic coming in.

However, they often do this serially in the CPU, which can lead to performance slowdowns. The RegEx card, Brown said, processes all the regular expression functions in parallel, allowing traffic to pass through closer to its normal speed.

Regular expressions are a way of writing fuzzy queries against data sets that can be more flexible and quicker to use. The idea was standardized when the POSIX 1003.2 regular expression notation was built into Unix in 1988.

Tarari was spun out of Intel Corp's network processor division in August 2002, and has its roots in Intel intellectual property, but was funded by venture capital.
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Date:Mar 2, 2004
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