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Tarantella Enterprise 3, version 3.3. (Database/Network News and Products).

The Tarantella solution enables organizations to publish mission-critical applications from a secure centralized environment. Users can access these applications anywhere via devices ranging from PC web browsers, thin client terminals, to wireless PDAS. Tarantella Enterprise 3 requires no modification to existing applications or application servers and slots into enterprise infrastructures, becoming a pragmatic enabler of IT consolidation, remote access, and portal strategies.

Tarantella Enterprise 3, version 3.3 enables over 1,000 users to be supported from one Intel Linux system and in excess of 2,000 users from high-end SPARC or other RISC systems. The software's array architecture allows users to consolidate co-located and distributed Tarantella servers into one management domain, providing enhanced fault tolerance. The solution adds a modular component structure, giving customers the choice of supported application types, security levels, array features and more.

New features in Tarantella Enterprise 3, version 3.3 include:

* Enhanced Directory Services integration to assist in the management of large user communities by harnessing information held in LDAP datastores

* Advanced Load Management to optimize the performance of Windows and UNIXO/Linux application server farms

* Integration with strong authentication systems such as PKI, e.g. client certificates, and with industrial-strength third party products, such as Safeword Premier-Access and Netegrity SiteMinder

* Integration with SUN ONE Portal Server 6.0 to deliver legacy applications via the portal

* Support for new Tarantella server platforms including United Linux 1.0, Sun Linux 5, Solaris 9, RedHat 8 and IBM AIX 5.1

* Client support for the latest IE and Netscape browsers on Windows, Solaris and Linux, IE Windows using the latest Sun JVM, IE on Mac OS X 10.2+, and the recently announced Pocket PC client for HP iPaq

In conjunction with Tarantella Enterprise 3, version 3.3, the company will be introducing Customer Central, an on-demand, secure web-based facility whereby customers and partners can manage their support and maintenance subscriptions

A free 30-day evaluation version is available for download on the Tarantella download page at
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Apr 1, 2003
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