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Taper gauging.

CINCINNATI INCORPORATED. CINCINNATI. OHIO. The company's new system is said to speed and simplify taper gauging on press brakes for making angular bends. An option on Cincinnati press brakes, the new taper gauging system features six-axis gauge fingers and matching simulation graphics software that calculates and displays the correct gauging position. The system eliminates the trial-and-error physical positioning of stops to achieve the 3-point gauging needed to maintain the correct location of a taper bend line. The gauge finger design enables a variety of gauge points and positioning configurations to allow fast, programmed resetting of gauges for both taper and right-angle bends. A mitten-shape gauge finger design provides 2-point corner stops, requiring only a single point on the opposite finger to complete the 3-point gauging for a taper bend. The gauge fingers provide both gauging points and posts to accommodate different angles and part shapes.


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Publication:Mechanical Engineering-CIME
Date:Jun 1, 2008
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