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Tape still adheres at 250 degrees F.

FasTape 1175 is a transfer tape developed for use in foam fabrication. Designed to bond to foams such as polyether and polyester urethane, FasTape provides excellent adhesion in applications at continuous temperatures up to 250 |degrees~ F, whereas typical foam-bonding adhesives can deteriorate at temperatures of 180 |degrees~ F or less.

Featuring 5 mils of a patented acrylic adhesive on an 80# kraft liner, the tape is said to be ideal for bonding foams and medium- to high-surface energy substrates, such as ABS, stainless steel, and painted metal.

Transfer tapes are used in foam lamination when the application requires that the foam adhere to drastically curved or inverted surfaces. The lack of a carrier allows the foam to stretch and bend without "snap back" resulting from the memory of the carrier. FasTape 1175 can be laminated to foam without heat assistance, which allows for increased productivity.

Applications include engine housings in the aerospace, automotive, and marine markets, where foam and metal need to be bonded at elevated temperatures. Avery Dennison, Specialty Tape Division, 250 Chester St., Painesville, OH 44077; (800) 262-2400; Fax (216) 639-2707.
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Title Annotation:New Materials
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Oct 1, 1993
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