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Tap water never had it so good.

As the bottled water industry continues to take a beating these days, more and more people are turning back to their faucets as a source for environmentally friendly--and inexpensive--drinking water. Even though most municipalities go to great lengths to ensure that our water is safe, we still like to run it through a filter before we drink it.


The Clear20 Water Filtration Pitcher ($24.99) by Applica Consumer Products, Miramar, Fla., is NSF-certified to reduce 53 contaminants, including lead, asbestos, and mercury. The large-capacity pitcher--it can hold up to nine 8-oz. glasses of water--houses in its handle a hose that connects directly to your faucet. The pressure from the faucet forces the water through a solid carbon filter, which offers superior performance to the granulated or powdered carbon variety. What's more, you'll have a space-saving pitcher of fresh-tasting water in just 34 seconds. The flow meter measures the water usage so you know exactly when the filter needs to be changed. Replacements run $1.99.

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The trouble is, now we're in a quandary because we're determined not to add to the 2,000,000 tons of disposable water bottles that end up in our landfills each year, yet we've become dependent on having a bottle of water with us at all times. We need to find a suitable substitution. With the growing concerns about the harmful effects of products containing BPA, polycarbonate and lacquer-coated aluminum bottles are out. Stainless steel meets our criteria for a reusable, durable container constructed of safe materials, and Bilt, Vancouver, Canada, offers a variety of styles for everyday use made with premium 18/8 stainless steel (18% chromium and eight percent nickel). The Vite Plus Single Wall Sports Bottle ($15) is a 730-ml narrow bottle perfect for bicycle cages and car cup holders. It offers easy-grip indents and a pull-top drinking spout with snap-on cover. The Colored Fresco Bottle ($17), 850-ml, has a wide-mouth top with a lid designed for easy carrying and clipping. The Vite Sports Bottle ($11.50), 440-ml, is the kids' version of the Plus series, perfect for school and active use. It also is available in a Graphic Print Version ($14) featuring a robot, space bear, or fishing buddy.

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