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Tantec, Inc.

630 Estes Ave

Schaumburg, IL 60193

Telephone: 847-524-5506 * Fax: 847-524-6956



Contact: Ken Troemel

Tantec Inc. was founded in 1987 and is known and respected worldwide for our service and products. Recently our technology and focus has changed from being a company with standard "out of the box" systems, to a custom manufacturer of extremely reliable equipment.

Major Applications

Airlaid Fibers on a carrier wire will oftentimes be highly charged and cling to the wire. Tantec can assist in improving the separation of the nonwoven web from the wire with the use of Electrostatics.

When two webs are calendered together, sometimes the webs separate on the edges because of high static charge. Neutralizing the webs can prevent or correct the separation.

A Winding Parent Roll can be highly charged and cause harm to personnel and interfere or damage machine controls. Strategically placed Static Neutralizers can prevent this from happening.

The Die Cutting process can be assisted by neutralizing the web prior to cutting, preventing the die cut product from clinging to the die.

A temporary charge is applied to the leading edge of the roll of film at rewind. This eliminates the need for double-sided tape and helps to prevent web fold-back and wrinkling during core transfer.

Corona Treating Systems

Tantec's Corona Treating Systems increase the surface energy of the web. Our compact design enables the equipment to be easily installed on new or existing lines.

Surface Testing Equipment

The Cam Plus Film is a bench-top optical device incorporating a special light source and projector screen with protractor. A Film Stage holds a sample while a micrometer syringe dispenses precise droplets of water on the measured surface. The droplets' image is projected on the screen so that an operator can take an accurate measurement.

Markets Served

Tantec Inc. operates worldwide to supply the highest quality systems and individual components to be retrofit into existing production lines
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