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Tank level monitoring.

Tank Level Monitoring

A system designed to provide precise liquid inventory monitoring of single-or multi-tank installations has been developed by Level Best Systems. According to the manufacturer, the heart of the newly-introduced Model LBS-8 is a powerful microprocessor. When linked with pressure transducers, the company says, accurate level data is clearly shown on a vacuum flourescent display.

Coupled with pressure, temperature or other sensors, the LBS-8 can be programmed to provide set-points, alarms and other control functions while monitoring tank levels.

Options for the LBS-8 include a large remote display and touch-sensitive high-resolution graphics terminal which can display trending graphs and combinations of bar-graph and character displays.

For more information, contact Level Best Systems, 510 Greenfield Drive, Lewiston, NY, 14092-1102. Contact: Larry Lippman or Ron Lewandowski, Tel: (716) 741-9635.
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Title Annotation:Annual Transportation Report; Level Best Systems develops systems to provide liquid inventory monitoring in tank installations; New Brewing & Packaging Technology
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Nov 18, 1991
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