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Tank full of PM.

Open V15 Valve

Always open the V15 valve to drain the filter separator before you operate the tanker. That gets rid of water and other contaminants that were filtered out of the pumped fuel.

Opening the valve keeps that gunk from going into the vehicles being fueled.

If nothing comes out when you open the valve, chances are the V15 valve is clogged, which backs up more water and gunk. As soon as your tank is empty, or when you unload fuel, have a mechanic disassemble and clean the valve.

Exercise Shutoff System

You'll never know when you'll need the fuel tanker's emergency fuel shutoff system. Keep it ready with some exercise now and then. Here's how:

1. Pull back on the MANUAL CONTROL EM VALVE lever. That opens the V1 emergency valve, letting you dispense fuel.

2. Pull out the EMERGENCY SHUTOFF control. That should throw the MANUAL CONTROL EM VALVE forward, closing the V1 valve. That stops fuel during a spill or fire.

If the lever didn't move. tell your mechanic to adjust, lube or replace it.

Keep Deadman Alive

After using the hand-actuated valve (HAV), or deadman control, walk it back on its reel. If you let it fly, the hard landings will damage the air hoses, creating leaks.

Likewise, never tie a knot in the air hoses to stop the HAV before it hits the vehicle. It's easier on the control, but harder on the air hose. Once again, you get leaky hoses. Even a small leak can keep the deadman control from letting you pump fuel.

Whether the HAV makes it through the reel window on the fly or not, the jolt on the air lines can pull the hoses away from the control.

If that happens to you, here's a quick fix to reattach the hoses.

Cut a couple of inches from the damaged end of the hose. Put the hose back over its fitting. Then, use a screw-type hose clamp, NSN 4730-00-363-4102, to secure it.

Walk Static Cables

The static ground cable needs careful handling, too.

Cables get stretched and broken when you let them fly back into the spool. The clamp can be ripped off the end of the cable. And the recoil spring can break. Then the cable can't rewind.

So, take it easy on the cable and spool. Walk it back to the vehicle.

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