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Tanaid, Inc. Announces New Vitamin Supplements That Make Possible Quicker, Darker Tan.

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MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 10, 2003

Tanaid, Inc. announces the launch of a revolutionary tanning product, TAN-AID Tanning Supplements, which helps tanners achieve a quicker, darker tan by providing the amino-acids, minerals and vitamins used by the body during the tanning process.

"TAN-AID Tanning Supplements are all-natural vitamins that boost your body's tanning process while at the beach or tanning salon," says Paul Segarra, President of Tanaid, Inc., based in Miami, Florida. "Most people simply slap on some lotion, sit in the sun or tanning bed and expect the body to do the rest, forgetting that tanning is the result of a complex bio-chemical process," says Mr.Segarra. "TAN-AID targets this process, by providing the specific vitamins, minerals, and amino-acids used during the production of Melanin, the pigment responsible for tanning -- and the more Melanin produced, the quicker and darker we tan."

TAN-AID is unique and distinct from other tanning products in that it works with the body, rather than artificially coloring the skin as other products do. All of the ingredients in TAN-AID play a crucial role during the formation of Melanin, the pigment which darkens the skin upon exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR). "The key element in TAN-AID is the conversion of the natural amino-acid Tyrosine into Melanin, the body's natural sun-block," says Mr. Segarra. "Melanin then darkens the skin and gives us the bronze, dark color we all love."

TAN-AID is used like any other vitamin supplements, and it is simple, safe, and effective to use. The directions are: 2 capsules twice a day, starting the day before tanning. The all-natural formula in TAN-AID does the rest, and the result is a quicker, darker tan. TAN-AID works equally well with either tanning at the beach or tanning salon. TAN-AID Tanning Supplements are available online at for the retail price of $14.95. For more information, contact Mr. Paul Segarra at 305/388-0658, or via E-mail at

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 10, 2003
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