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Articles from Tamsui Oxford Journal of Mathematical Sciences (December 15, 2010)

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Title Author Type Words
A new hybrid censoring scheme and some of its properties. Huang, Wen-Tao; Yang, Kun-Cheng Report 3601
A theorem connecting the H-transform and fractional integral operators involving the multivariable H-function. Gupta, Kantesh; Agrawal, Vandana Report 1749
An analytical scheme for multi-order fractional differential equations. Jaradat, H.M.; Awawdeh, Fadi; Rawashdeh, E.A. Report 4116
Classes of analytic functions of complex order involving a Family of generalized differential operators. Selvaraj, C.; Moni, C. Santhosh Report 2636
Convex functions and functions with bounded turning. Tuneski, Nikola Report 4457
Extended Cesaro operators from mixed norm spaces to Zygmund type spaces. Zhu, Xiangling Report 3490
Extension of homogeneous function. Lokeshay, V.; Nagarajaz, K.M.; Naveenkumar, B.; Padmanabhan, S. Report 2805
Fourth order methods for finding multiple as well as distinct zeros of non-linear equations. Mir, Nazir Ahmad; Ahmad, Farooq; Raza, Muhammad; Nawaz, Tahira Report 3162
Geometric properties of Randers and other changes of Rizza manifolds. Nagaraja, H.G. Report 2526
Growth of entire harmonic functions in [R.sup.n], n [greater than or equal to] 2. Kumar, Devendra Report 3339
Non-Archimedean stability of the monomial functional equations. Mirmostafaee, A.K. Report 4608
Notes on two inequalities for random variables whose probability density functions are bounded. Liu, Zheng Report 1980
On a certain Fredholm type sum-difference equation. Pachpatte, B.G. Report 2271
On a new inequality applicable to certain Volterra-Fredholm type sum-difference equations. Pachpatte, B.G. Report 2590
On quasi-conformally flat almost pseudo Ricci symmetric manifolds. Shaikh, A.A.; Hui, S.K.; Bagewadi, C.S. Report 4811
On the annihilators of derivations with engel conditions in prime rings. Dhara, B.; Sharma, R.K. Report 3376
Paley-Wiener theorem for the [q.sup.2]-Fourier-Rubin transform. Fitouhi, Ahmed; Safraouiz, Amel Report 5759
Qualitative properties of solutions of certain Volterra type difference equations. Pachpatte, B.G. Report 3405
Roe's theorem associated with a Dunkl type differential-difference operator on the real line. Mejjaoli, Hatem Report 5561
Some applications of the Jung-Kim-Srivastava integral operator. Liu, Jin-Lin Report 2039
Some Applications of the q-Mellin Transform. Brahim, Kamel; Ouanesy, Rim Report 2259
Some new Ostrowski-Gruss type inequalities with two mappings and applications. Yang, Wengui Report 3472
t-path sigraphs. Reddy, P. Siva Kota Report 2788
The Hardy-Littlewood inequality for the solution to p-harmonic type system. Cao, Zhenhua; Bao, Gejun; Li, Ronglu; Guo, Lifeng; Ling, Yi Report 3832

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