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Tampon industry reviewed.

The battle for market share in the $810 million tampon market will be waged on two fronts this year, environmental marketing and price-based sales pitches, according to a recent article in Advertising Age (2/15/93). Market leaders Tambrands, White Plains, NY, and Playtex FP Group, Stamford, CT, which together make up more than 80% of the industry, are expected to compete heatedly as each introduces similar package sizes at similar prices. In March, Tambrands is expected to add a 20-count "Tampax" package to its product line in order to compete with Playtex's midprice offerings. Playtex, however, also has plans to reduce its 24-count packaging to a 20-count unit.

In addition to head-to-head competition, Tambrands will also sharpen its green marketing advertising to confront both Playtex and Johnson & Johnson Personal Products, Milltown, NJ. J&J's "o.b." product showed the most dramatic growth in the market in the fourth quarter, according to estimates by PaineWebber. For the year, Tambrands retained 53% of the market, with Playtex at 29.5%, J&J at 9.8% and Kimberly-Clark, Dallas, TX, and its "Kotek" line at 6.8%.

Tambrands is also set to introduce "Satin Touch" tampons in the second quarter of this year, promoting the product's cellulose-based applicator that combines the ease of plastic with the biodegrad-ability of the normal Tampax paper applicator. Playtex already highlights the plastic applicator comfort of its products in current advertising.
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Date:Apr 1, 1993
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